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Search Engines Get Personal

Researching with Search Engine Operators

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BACK TO BASICS: Researching with Search Engine Operators

Researching a search engine algorithm is kind of like atomic research. The search engine algorithm is a black box that you cannot see inside of, so you can only formulate theories about a specific algorithm by testing its behavior. This is why it is so important to know all of the different search engine operators and how they work. In this article, we will investigate search engine operators and how you can use them to enhance your search engine optimization efforts.

Hot Topics

Desktop Search

FEATURE: Search Engines Get Personal
Toted as the "next big wave" in search at Search Engine Strategies (SES) in San Jose, personalized search looks like it may be the beginning of a tidal wave. The motivations for creating a search engine that yields more personal results seem simple enough:
  • the search engine business is becoming more competitive;
  • the online information pool is expanding daily;
  • and the online population is growing and becoming increasingly diverse.

Especially after a ChoiceStream study found that 81% of users say they want personalized content and 64% were willing to provide personal data to get it, the time for personalized search has come. However, the big question is: what exactly is personalized search?

  • Google releases their desktop search, raising privacy concerns and getting a rave review from Danny Sullivan at Search Engine Watch.
  • Meanwhile MIT calls attention to Haystack, the "universal information client" with personal desktop organization, search and a semantic web browser that professor David Kargar and others have been working on since 1995.
Mobile Search
  • Google launches their SMS service allowing users to use Google to search for local listings, residential phone numbers, Froogle prices, definitions, the web, area codes, zip codes and calculator results from their WAP devices.
  • Likewise, Yahoo launches their mobile search, allowing users to search Yahoo’s web, images and local listings from a WAP device.
Corporate Blogging
  • Forrester Research analyst Charlene Li launches her blog and tackles the corporate fear of blogging and corporate blogging best practices right off the bat.
  • Seth Godin offers some advice for CEO bloggers.
  • Search Day discusses the SEM opportunities presented by blogs.
  • Meanwhile Yahoo Search employee and blogger Jeremy Zawodny posts a thread opening discussion on what to tell your CEO about blogging.


Yahoo partners with Adobe with plans for a co–branded browser toolbar.

Yahoo acquires Stata Labs, creators of the antispam desktop email Bloomba and the antispam filter SAProxyPro to improve their email offerings.

Google acquires Keyhole, a mapping company that produces 3-D maps generated from satellite images to improve their local search.

Bell South’s inks a deal with Google to sell AdWords to local businesses.


Search Engine Strategies goes Scandinavian with a session in Stockholm, Sweden from October 27–28. Hosted by Chris Sherman, you can get the blow–by–blow from Barry Schwartz inside the Search Engine Watch Forums.


Google’s third quarter profit more than doubles.

Yahoo’s third quarter profit nearly quadruples, partially due to gaining a $191 million pretax windfall from selling part of its stake in Google.

Despite losing MSN, Looksmart breaks even in the third quarter reporting a total revenue of $17.5 million.

Word on the Wire

Google plans to add 372,000 new advertisers in the next 4 years.

The new MSN search interface will allow users to manipulate the search results with sliders.

The new Yahoo Search and Google were separated at birth.

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