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Google Library — Scanning Back the Index

Developing a Link Campaign, Part One

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FEATURE: Google Library--Scanning Back the Index
At first, it sounded like a wonderful idea. Google was going to take the libraries of five major universities and scan them, making them fully indexable and searchable. The project would allow anyone to find a book on the topic they were looking for, narrow down a quotation to the exact title and author where it originated and overall increase Google's goal of organizing the world's information. The idea seemed bullet proof and students everywhere rejoiced. Unfortunately the publishers disagreed.

BACK TO BASICS: Developing a Link Campaign, Part One

A link campaign is a very important part to an SEO project of a website. When considering starting an inbound link campaign for your site, there are many things you need to understand and consider. Getting links to your site isn't as simple as buying placement on a few hundred websites. There are good and bad types of link campaigns to run, so before starting, you must first understand why links are important and what type of campaign you want to conduct.

Hot Topics

Money Makes the World Go Round

  • Yahoo reported on Tuesday, beating analysts' expectations with a 47% increase over last year and posting a net revenue of $1.33 billion.

  • Google's earnings nearly doubled from a year ago. They're also up 11% from the 2nd quarter this year, reporting revenues of $381 million.


Paul Bruemmer, formerly of TrademarkSEO joined the Bruce Clay, Inc team this month.

Everyone wants a piece of AOL these days. Front runners seem to be Google and Microsoft, since no one is taking Yahoo's bid seriously. Time-Warner is probably still confused by all the attention to their unwanted child.


Bruce Clay, Inc was among presenters at eComXpo. Attendees got to experience all the best speakers without having to leave home.

WebmasterWorld Pub Conference is November 15 - 17 at Renaissance Las Vegas, don't miss it!


Google Foundation was updated this month. Google will be giving the Foundation $90 million to distribute charities.

Barry Schwartz got a helping hand from Ask when he asked his girlfriend, Yisha to marry him. Searching Yisha's name on Ask brings up a Smart Result that helped Barry get the answer he wanted. Congratulations to them.

Word on the Wire

Google and Sun are making Microsoft nervous but don't seem to be doing anything interesting just yet. However Google's hire of developers for Open Office can't be making Redmond happy.

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