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Google and Bing's Advice to SEOs at SMX Advanced
Author: Virginia Nussey

At the SMX Advanced search marketing conference that took place in June, search engine representatives from Google and Bing held keynotes and sat on panels sharing info and recommendations to the search marketing industry. For instance, Google's Matt Cutts warned webmasters of advancing spam detection and said that compelling content and user experience was the way to the top of Google results. In this month's feature, read about what the search engines representatives emphasize as SEO priorities, including:

  • Where to look for messages from Google about your site as the search engine aims to communicate more with webmasters.
  • The five priorities webmasters should address for optimal Bing rankings.
  • Why and structured data are a must when optimizing a site's rankings in both Google and Bing.

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SMX Advanced Non-Negotiables: Social Signals, Mobile Search and User Experience
Author: Kristi Kellogg

During the conference's thirty sessions, three themes emerged as panelists offered the latest news and best practices for Internet marketing optimization. The three topics emphasized in keynotes and dinner conversations alike were social media's impact on search, a mobile-friendly site, and the old standard, compelling content. Understand the implications of these SEO priorities with some basic background on:

  • How to leverage an active social media presence and on-site integration of social signals like Google +1 buttons to aid search visibility.
  • How searchers are shifting behavior to favor mobile search and the preferred method of optimizing your site's mobile experience.
  • Three things to think about to help you develop a site's user experience for engagement and conversion.

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Using YouTube to Create Engaging Video Marketing
Author: Paolo Bennardo

Clients of the Bruce Clay Europe office express great demand for YouTube video and channel optimization. An SEM analyst in the European office shares how he created a video for a client that landed in the top five most viewed videos in Italy last month, and how the lift in traffic that followed the top-5 ranking resulted in increased public brand awareness. The formula: compelling video content + YouTube features that let marketers put links in video + ads on YouTube to seed attention. This article outlines one model for doing this by explaining:

  • How to implement new features in the YouTube One Channel design, including custom cover photos and custom tabs for playlists.
  • How to create an interactive experience with annotations within the video that link to your own site.
  • The three TrueView video ad formats that can be used to drive views and increase campaign awareness.

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  Hot Topic
Three Structured Data Updates You Need To Know About

In the last 28 days semantic markup has been in the news three times reiterating the important role it plays in the optimization process. Here’s what you need to know this month:

1. Google Updates Data Highlighter Tool; Adds 7 New Data Types

When the Data Highlighter Tool launched in December 2012 it gave marketers a way to apply structured data to event listings without ever having to string together an HTML phrase. Unfortunately, that was all it did. To expand the semantic-markup love, on May 30 Google updated the Data Highlighter tool to accommodate plug-and-play optimization for seven new data types including products, local businesses, articles, software applications, movies, restaurants, and TV episodes. The tool works from Google Webmaster Tools and can optimize a single web page in about five minutes.

2. New Structured Data Markup Helper Tool

For more advanced SEOs, Google has announced a new point-and-click Structured Data Markup Helper tool that writes the code for you, but requires you to add the updates to your source code by hand. A three-step process (Enter Page, Tag Data, and View HTML) the tool can generate microdata for 12 data types including the eight types supported by the Data Highlighter mentioned above, and four types of reservations specific to Gmail-embedded Schema.

3. Matt Cutts Reemphasizes the Benefit of the rel="author" Tag

On June 5, Google’s head of webspam, Matt Cutts, published a video addressing the importance of using the rel="author" semantic tag to claim authorship of web articles. Cutts says in the video that we are moving toward a “richer more annotated web” where engineers are striving to create search engines that are better able to understand real-world entities, and the relationships between things.

As a prominent part of this initiative, he emphasizes that the authorship tag helps search engines make connections, support content that comes from credible sources, and, accordingly, widen the gap between highly-ranked legitimate content and anonymous spam.

  Education Matters
'Great Search Helps Make Great Education': Bing for Schools

This month, Bing announced a new initiative: Bing for Schools. Bing for Schools is available to K-12 institutions in the U.S. The aim of Bing for Schools is “helping (the) nation’s schools to teach digital literacy skills.”

How does Bing for Schools accomplish this?

"In addition to the beautiful Bing home page images, which feature hotspots that encourage exploration of new and unexpected topics, Bing For Schools will offer short lesson plans that teach digital literacy skills that are related to search and tied to the Common Core. For example, [a] picture of a sloth might be coupled with the question 'How many sloths could live in one square mile of jungle?' and a lesson helping students use search tools and critical thinking to find potential answers."

In addition to these specialized learning features, Bing will provide Bing for Schools participants with ad-free searching, enhanced privacy protections and strict filtering of adult content that students cannot alter.

Bing believes that "great search helps make great education." Visit the Bing For Schools website to learn more about the program or to start the registration process.

Other search-related education opportunities are available beyond high school. If you're interested in deepening your SEO knowledge, consider SEOToolSet Training taught by veteran SEO Bruce Clay. Bruce Clay's SEO training is based on 17 years of experience in the search industry and is constantly updated to include the latest search methodologies.

The next SEOToolSet Training is offered July 15-19 and September 16-20 in California. On the East Coast Bruce Clay, who is a SEMPO recommended training provider, will be presenting a one-day SEO training workshop in New York on September 30.


SEOmoz has a new moniker. The Internet marketing software development house is now simply Moz.

Internet Media Labs bought TweetChat. TweetChat streaming capability has been shut down. Users are encouraged to migrate to OneQube's SmartStream. TweetChat was scheduled to relaunch on June 11 as a "content hub for everything about Twitter Chats and hashtags," but that relaunch has been postponed indefinitely.

This month, Salesforce announced that it will acquire the marketing software company ExactTarget for $2.5 billion. The deal is expect to be finalized by the end of July.

Former Googler Francoise Brougher has been hired by Square as business lead for the company known for its portable and easy to use credit card reader for mobile devices.


MozCon takes place July 8-10 at the Washington State Convention Center.

Bruce Clay's SEOToolSet Training is set for July 15-19 in Simi Valley, California. This training is the best face-to-face SEO education available and takes attendee's Internet marketing optimization skills the to next level. Another SEOToolSet Training will be offered September 16-20.

HubSpot's INBOUND 2013, featuring keynote speaker Seth Godin, takes place in Boston, Massachusetts, August 19-22.

The SearchLove Conference will be held in San Diego, California, September 5-6. The focus will be on the future of search.

Cleveland will rock September 9-11 as content marketers unite at the Content Marketing World Conference.

It's time for SMX East come October 1-3, to be held in New York, New York. All-day workshops will be held prior on Monday, September 30, including the popular one-day SEO workshop presented by Bruce Clay.

PubCon takes over Las Vegas, Nevada, October 21-25. What happens in Vegas won't stay in Vegas as the social media marketers in attendance will surely be tweeting every informative detail.

The agenda for SMX Milan has just been released. Search marketers will descend upon Italy for the destination conference November 7-8. On November 6, Bruce Clay will be in on the scene to provide a one-day SEO workshop for SMX Milan attendees. Bruce Clay Europe is proud to be one of SMX Milan's sponsors.


Google's new Mountain View Campus will span 1.1 million sq. feet; 15 percent of that land will be devoted to wetland recovery. The new campus will also aim for a platinum LEED rating and employ other green features.

Google announced expanded capability for its Data Highlighter tool and introduced a new tool: the Structured Data Markup Helper.

  Word on the Wire

Google rolled out a Carousel Display for select Local results, like queries related to dining, nightlife and hotels. The Carousel Display results pull from Google Maps.

Google is officially re-ranking SERPs for websites that are not properly configured for smartphones.

This month, Facebook introduced hashtags. The Twitter tradition was already in play on Facebook, but now it's actually functional. With Facebook hashtags users can conduct hashtag searches; click on hashtags originating from Twitter, Instagram, etc.; and post directly from hashtag feed.

If you detest going grocery shopping, you can now turn to Amazon as a solution. For $299 a year, Amazon will deliver your groceries to your door — that is, if you live in Los Angeles or Seattle, which are the two cities where Amazon Fresh is being rolled out.

Curious about how many calories are in that apple (or candy bar?) Google's ever-evolving Knowledge Graph can help you with that. The Knowledge Graph now provides nutritional information for more than 1,000 fruits, vegetables, meats and meals.

Blekko, an alternative search engine with its own original index, launched a new layout for its search results this month. The new format offers drill-down options alongside initial results.

Facebook Advertising announced that it is working toward streamlining advertising options; in the next six months, Facebook Advertising plans to move from 27 ad unit options to fewer than 13.

Reddit had more than 71 million unique visitors in May, and with that much traffic, it only makes sense that they re-introduce multireddits ... which they did this month.

Twitter debuted the addition of in-house Twitter analytics that free and are available to all users. Learn more about Twitter analytics tools.

Facebook is now offering verification to select Facebook figures and pages with a large number of users. Verified accounts will display with a blue-circled check mark.