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  SEO Newsletter | Vol 123 | May 21, 2014 This Month's News
SEO Checklist: 5 Factors You Can Expect to Change
Author: Kristi Kellogg

SEO is a constantly shifting landscape — Matt Cutts has stated that, on average, Google updates its search algorithm once a day. Though some changes can take you by surprise, there are some changes you can count on Google to make. Content strategist Kristi Kellogg shares five areas you can expect not to remain static, including:

  • Local optimization: Google is heavily invested in local optimization, and that means it's constantly being enhanced.
  • Devices: Today's Internet users are searching on mobile devices more than ever — as new devices are created, they're sure to affect search patterns.
  • Link building: While links are still an important aspect of search, SEO is evolving every day, and Cutts recently stated that links will become "a little less important."

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  Back to Basics
Survival SEO: How to Do the Search Marketing of Tomorrow, Today
Author: Mindy Weinstein

Though SEOs don't have a magical crystal ball with which to glimpse the future of Internet marketing, there are ways they can prepare themselves for upcoming developments. SEO Manager Mindy Weinstein offers tips on navigating the SEO minefield by:

  • Conducting keyword research and understanding the desires, needs, wants and likes of your audience
  • Capturing interest and traffic by engaging with consumers on social channels
  • Publishing content that answers your audience's questions and addresses their concerns

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  Hot Topic

Last month, Facebook held its first f8 developer conference since 2011. More than 1,700 developers from all over the world gathered for the one-day event on April 30 at The Concourse Exhibition Center in San Francisco. Sessions throughout the day focused on building, growing and monetizing. Engineers from Facebook, Parse and Instagram also shared their insights based on experience open-sourcing tools during the day-long event. Read on for f8 highlights.

Anonymous Login

During his keynote address, CEO Mark Zuckerberg revealed that Facebook has improved its privacy when it comes to using apps, noting that Facebook never wants "anyone to be surprised with how they are sharing on Facebook."

Over the next few months, Facebook will roll out the ability to log in to apps anonymously.

Send to Mobile

When a user visits a developer's website, the developer can provide that user with an option to "send to mobile." A link to download their app will be sent to the user, making downloading apps seamless. This feature is currently in beta.

App Links

Given that linking from app to app can be a challenge, Facebook (along with Hulu, Spotify, Pinterest, Goodreads, Redfin and others) is supporting App Links — an open-source, cross-platform solution that provides tools for linking between apps.

Audience Network

Facebook continues to test the Audience Network, which allows advertisers to extend their current Facebook ad campaigns into apps — and thereby extend their reach. The extension into apps will provide advertisers the same tailoring via custom audiences, core audiences and lookalike audiences that are available on Facebook itself.

Read more f8 developments here.

  Education Matters

How conducive is your company to SEO success? In-house SEO thrives where there is a team culture with people throughout the organization sharing a commitment to SEO goals.

In a large organization, SEO can no longer be handled by a specialist working in a bubble. It takes cooperation across department lines, because every piece of content the organization creates affects SEO. Moreover, disaster is always lurking just a single mistake away! Without knowing the why behind SEO strategies, staff and executives alike can make ignorant mistakes that impact website revenue or, worse, violate search engine guidelines and cause long-lasting penalties.

Create an SEO Culture

How can organizations create a culture that supports SEO and breaks down department barriers? Mark Munroe, director and SEO of, addressed this at the recent SMX West conference. His number one recommendation: Be proactive through “training, training, training!”

Think about it. Training all staff members who can potentially affect SEO helps ensure that everyone involved is:

  • Speaking the same language
  • Understanding SEO best practices
  • On the same page with the goals of your SEO strategy
  • Aware of SEO dangers so they can avoid ignorant mistakes
  • Willing to work together as a team, even across departments

SEO training can be the key to unifying a team that can then pull your Internet marketing in the right direction. But how? There are two ways to educate an interdepartmental "team":

  1. Get trained on site: Bringing the trainer to you can be the most cost-efficient answer for large companies. Bruce Clay has traveled to more than a dozen companies' headquarters, training 20, 30, or even 100 staff at once. This kind of client-specific, intensive education changed the game for those companies. It laid the foundation for long-term, team-driven SEO success.
  2. Attend training classes: Many businesses send teams of two or more to our SEOToolSet® Training courses. Traveling together to attend training and go through the 3-day standard or 5-day advanced course helps them build a cohesive marketing strategy.

Upcoming Training Chances for Your Team:


Vic Gundotra, the creator of Google+, has left Google after eight years. He hasn’t announced his future plans — except to explore his “and then."

In another Google departure, Andrew Ng is leaving his position as head of Google's machine-learning project (dubbed "Google Brain") in order to spearhead a similar effort for Baidu, China's main search engine, working from Baidu's newly opened Silicon Valley office. 

Twitter expanded its business with the recent acquisition of Gnip, a social analytics firm that has been partners with Twitter since 2010. This is Twitter’s biggest acquisition since the purchase of mobile ad platform MoPub last year.

Unable to decide which name they'd prefer, Incisive Media's ClickZ and SES conference are in the middle of a brand name hokey pokey.


Today GROWCO, Inc. Magazine's business conference series kicks off in Nashville. Keynote speaker Mark Cuban will share insights on how to win in the business world, and Bruce Clay will zero in on wielding SEO strategies for maximum success in "Search + Social: The Future of Your Business Online" alongside Bing's Duane Forrester, aimClear's Manny Rivas and Message Medium's Maisha Walker. The five-city tour will continue in Chicago on June 19.

This week, aimClear and the Duluth Area Chamber of Commerce will host the third annual Zenith Social Media Conference in Duluth, Minnesota, beginning May 22.

SMX heads to Sydney, Australia May 27–28. SMX is Australia's No. 1 search engine marketing conference, returning to the land down under for the seventh year.

In Shanghai, China, Internet marketers will gather for ClickZ Live May 27–29.

SMX Advanced comes to Seattle, Washington June 11-12. Bruce Clay is an official training partner of SMX Advanced and will offer a not-to-be-missed SEO Training Workshop on June 10. Save 10% on your SMX Advanced registration with the Bruce Clay discount code: SMXA14BRUCECLAY. Get more information on SMX Advanced, the Bruce Clay training workshop, and where you can meet Bruce and co. all week long.

The next Social Media Strategies Summit will be June 11-12 at the Bohemian Benevolent and Literary Association in New York. Speakers  include Rich Narasaki (GE Corporate), Elaine Lawson (MasterCard) and Leslie Dukker Doty (Reader’s Digest) among two dozen other industry experts.

Want to see the Internet marketing conferences all year long? Check out the Internet marketing conference calendar to see what's on the horizon for the whole of 2014.


For the first time, the Google+ app ranked in the top 15 mobile apps having the most reach, according to comScore’s March 2014 statistics.

Bruce Clay India was named of one India's best SEO companies last month.

Google made headway on its plans to create smart contact lenses for diabetes sufferers. Google secured two patents related to the smart contact lenses last month. The lenses will monitor the user's blood sugar levels via tear fluid.

Bruce Clay, Inc. was listed in the top five SEO agencies with the most engaged Facebook audiences.

  Word on the Wire

Matt Cutts notified the world through a tweet that Google rolled out Panda 4.0 on May 20th. Panda is designed to keep low-quality sites out of search results. Since this is the first time since March 2013 that Google has actually announced a Panda update, it may signal a major algorithm update.

Amazon rolled out its newest feature — shoppers can now add items spotted on Twitter to their Amazon cart using #AmazonCart directly from Twitter.

The US Search Awards 2014 is open for entries now through Friday, July 18. The event will take place as a flagship associated event during Pubcon Las Vegas in the fall. Bruce Clay, Inc. is an official sponsor of the awards, which feature 20 categories rewarding campaigns, software, and the teams and individuals driving the industry forward.

Yahoo! is testing its own version of Google's Knowledge Graph. announced its "next chapter," which introduces new action-oriented vocabulary that enables sites to structure data based on user actions.

Last month, Bing announced the launch of Bing Predictions, a feature that predicts the outcome of events, such as the winner of a reality show.

Google revamped its Keyword Planner, adding new data visualization options and ways to parse your data by location, device and time. This is a powerful enhancement for mobile-minded marketers. Meanwhile, in Europe Google is bracing for a flood of data-removal requests since a court ruling established an individual's "right to be forgotten" across Europe.

A number of AdWords innovations were announced last month, including the ability to measure conversions across the life cycle of an app (from installation to in-app purchases).

Pinterest continues to roll out its test of Promoted Pins. Brands such as Gap, Banana Republic, ABC Family and Target are among the first to use Promoted Pins.

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