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  SEO Newsletter | Volume 134 | June 10, 2015 This Month's News

Introducing DisavowFiles: Free Crowdsourced Tool Brings Google Disavow Link Data to Light

Author: Bruce Clay, Inc.


Last week we launched DisavowFiles at SMX Advanced and it was the talk of the search marketing conference. The free, crowdsourced disavow file database and backlink intelligence tools have been buzzed about by Search Engine Land's Barry Schwartz and Wizard of Moz Rand Fishkin. So far hundreds of webmasters and SEOs have signed up for the free service and added their disavow file to the database. Read about the tool that's activating the SEO community's hunger for data transparency with reports that tell you:

  • Which sites linking to yours have been disavowed by other participants.
  • When your own web pages show up on other participants' disavow files.
  • How many times any domain has been disavowed in the database, with metrics that help determine a domain's trustworthiness.

Read the launch announcement then sign up at

Bonus media! Listen to an episode of the Bruce Clay, Inc. Internet radio show, SEM Synergy, for an in-depth introduction to DisavowFiles.

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How to Set Up Google Search Console — Free Search Engine Optimization & Webmaster Tools for Your Website

Author: Paula Allen

If you have a website, then you ought to know about Google Search Console. Formerly known as Google Webmaster Tools, this free software is like a dashboard of instruments that let you manage your site or app. Unless you prefer running your online business blindfolded, getting this set up should be any webmaster’s priority. In this article, you learn:

  • How to set up a Google Search Console account with a step-by-step guide.
  • Where to find the search terms your site shows up for in Google search.
  • How to use Search Console together with Google Analytics for enhanced monitoring of site traffic.

Read more


Hot Topic


Google and Apple have both held major events for developers in the past few weeks. The announcements coming out of Google I/O, the search giant's annual developers' conference, still have everyone talking. And Apple's five-day event is still going on through the week.

Google's most significant news for non-developers was Google Photos, the new standalone app that offers people free storage for an unlimited number of photos (a whole "lifetime" of photos, up to 16 MB each) and videos. The Google Photos app, which is accessible across devices (mobile and desktop), proceeds to automatically organize the photos and videos into a searchable album, recognizing people, places and things with an uncanny and rather scary level of accuracy.

Google I/O previewed the next version of Google's mobile device operating system, called Android "M" for now, which will include Now on Tap, an enhanced form of Google Now that lets an Android user move between apps and websites with just a tap. following a string of related requests without ever accessing search. Inside Android M, Chrome custom tabs will provide a better web experience and Android Pay, the new mobile payment system replacing Google Wallet, will give users more ways to fetch information and more privacy controls.

At the Apple WWDC conference, the biggest announcement for app developers so far has been to open source Swift, the programming language Apple introduced in 2014 to create apps for both OS X and iOS. Open-sourcing should be available by year end.

Apple has unveiled iOS 9, to be released this fall. A more intelligent Siri will have improved speech recognition and natural language understanding, allowing Apple's voice assistant to better rival Google Now and Microsoft Cortana with faster, more accurate responses and personalized, context-sensitive content. Apple's Spotlight Search (accessed by swiping left on the home screen) will show Siri's suggestions of people, apps, music and local information based on the user's behavior patterns, time of day and location. Users can also use Spotlight Search to search for more complete results that will include in-app deep linked content.

Apple Maps in iOS 9 will have public transit information for a limited number of cities in the U.S. and China initially. New local search capabilities will let people search or browse for businesses near them by name or category, and the resulting local business profiles also indicate whether Apple Pay is an accepted form of payment.

Fueled by intense competition between the major Silicon Valley players, technology continues to speed ahead. This brief comparison of Google's and Apple's conference announcements hits only a few of the most recent highlights. The industry continues to stay tuned!


Education Matters


Big Reveals at SMX Advanced: Penguin, Panda and 'Accuracy' Panels

As always, Search Marketing Expo (SMX) Advanced was full of takeaways for digital marketers. From our front row seat liveblogging key sessions, we walked away with a few must-share pieces of information. Chief among them: The big reveal that Google has a "panel of more than a million people that we are able to push out questions to" regarding location accuracy.

"If we're not sure (that) one of the panelists is actually in REI, we can ask — are you in REI? They tell us, and we use all of these things to constantly improve precision," said Jerry Dischler, head of Google AdWords, in his keynote address.

Also packed with news was Gary Illyes' "Ask Me Anything" session. The Google Webmaster Trends Analyst shared that SEOs can look for an update/data refresh in by the end of June "probably." He also said that Google plans to refresh Panda more often, in general. He also said that Google is working to make Penguin update continuously, rather than having periodic big updates. That, however, is "months away."

That's a taste of all the news that came out of SMX Advanced. Read all the latest knowledge bombs from Google VIPs and SEO industry leaders in our complete SMX Advanced 2015 liveblog coverage.




Paul Eremenko is leaving his position as head engineer of Google’s Project Ara modular smartphone. He will join Airbus, the France-based global aviation company, to run its new office in Silicon Valley called the Innovation Center.




Here is a roundup of Internet marketing conferences happening soon. For a schedule of events throughout 2015 across the globe, check out the Digital Marketing Conference Calendar brought to you by Bruce Clay, Inc.

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The MozCon search and marketing conference takes place July 13–15 in Seattle, Washington.


Content Marketing World comes to Cleveland, Ohio, Sept. 8–11.

The inbound marketing conference Inbound 2015, put on by HubSpot, happens Sept. 8–11 in Boston, Massachusetts.

The two-day SearchLove event happens Sept. 10 and 11 in San Diego, California.

If you happen to be in the UK, the search marketing event BrightonSEO comes to the Brighton Dome on Sept. 18.

The social media-focused SocialFresh Conference is set for Sept. 23–25 in Tampa Bay, Florida.

The eMetrics Summit Boston is happening Sept. 27–Oct. 1, and includes events on Predictive Analysis for Business and for Healthcare.


SMX East comes to New York Sept. 29–Oct. 1, with special workshops offered Sept. 28. It’s your chance to learn SEO from Bruce Clay himself at the Bruce Clay SEO Workshop, all day Sept. 28! Save 10 percent on any conference registration using the discount code SMX15BRUCECLAY.

The DMA 2015 event &THEN is set for Oct. 4–6 in Boston, Massachusetts.

Pubcon Las Vegas 2015 descends on the Las Vegas Convention Center Oct. 5–9.

The US Search Awards happens in Las Vegas on Oct. 7.

Toronto, Canada, is hosting InboundCon 2015, a Canadian inbound marketing conference, on Oct. 8.

Washington, D.C. is the site of Predictive Analytics World for Government Oct. 13–16.

A digital marketing conference called BOLO (Be On the Look Out) takes place in Tempe, Arizona, Oct. 18–20.

SearchLove London is coming to that grand city Oct. 19 and 20.




Users can now see underwater ocean images through Google Street View, thanks to a four-year undertaking between Google Earth Outreach and its partners (XL Catlin Seaview Survey, NOAA’s Office of National Marine Sanctuaries and the Chagos Conservation Trust). This digital record of the ocean serves to do more than just entertain us with amazing pictures; the GPS-stamped photos create a visual record of human-inflicted damage and other changes affecting our underwater ecosystems.


Word on the Wire


According to Google's Gary Illyes, we can expect the next Panda update this month. His exact words, spoken at SMX Advanced on June 2, were: "in 2 to 4 weeks, probably."

Local businesses that have not logged in to their Google My Business account in at least six months risk being unverified by Google. The search engine is trying to contact inactive users by email to find out whether they still actively manage the account; if no response is received, Google plans to unverify those pages in order to keep its local listings up-to-date.

Google has unveiled a new hub for people to view and control their privacy and security settings, with a My Account area where users with or without a Google account can run a Privacy Checkup and Security Checkup, manage their privacy settings across many Google sites, control which apps and sites are connected to their account, and exert some control over the ads they see.

Google's Chrome browser will soon be improved to automatically pause animations (such as Flash) on a web page that could interrupt the central content a user is watching (such as a video). This smart-browser feature is intended to save battery power, particularly on mobile devices; Google may also be trying to motivate developers still making Flash ads to finally move to the technology Google prefers, HTML 5.

Google has adopted a more conciliatory tone and admitted to mishandling its messaging in Europe, according to an interview with the president of Google's European affairs, Matt Brittin. The company still awaits settlement of the European Commission's case alleging that Google violated EU competition rules.

Google has added "location-aware" search capability to Android search and the Google Search app on iOS. Searchers can refer to things near them using pronouns and get information (for example, "How tall is this tower?").

Startup artificial intelligence firm Diffbot says it has developed semantic-based index capabilities similar to the Knowledge Graph that powers Google Now. The key difference is that Diffbot is offering this AI technology to power intelligent third-party apps; in fact, CEO Mike Tung claims that Diffbot underpins the Microsoft Bing search engine.

YouTube's redesigned player is available for install. In the new design the player bar becomes transparent and auto-hides to take the controls out of the way.

Pinterest announced soon-coming Buyable Pins, a way for people to purchase items directly on Pinterest. Blue "Buy It" buttons will appear on 2 million pins (a tiny fraction of the 50 billion the site contains) when the feature rolls out in late June (versions for Android and the web will come out later this year). Buyable Pins is Pinterest's answer to compete with the coming Google Buy button and Amazon in general on the field of mobile shopping; however, with no fees charged to buyers or merchants, Pinterest is banking on the hope that merchants will pay for ads to promote their Buyable Pins merchandise.

Instagram is unveiling its new "Shop Now" buttons, which enable advertisers to use the image-heavy social network for ecommerce. Ads can allow the user to make a purchase inside Instagram or link outside the app to a product page. Built with insights and technology from Instagram's parent company, Facebook, the new feature is launching with ad management tools, ad targeting based on people's interests as well as demographics, and a fully formed API for advertisers.

Yahoo advertisers now have the flexibility to use third-party measurement tools to verify viewability and fraud rates on their ads. Independent assessments from comScore, Moat or another tool may be used instead of Yahoo's own Prime View measurement to meet the Media Rating Council's standards.

Apple CEO Tim Cook strongly criticized competing Silicon Valley tech companies for "lulling their customers into complacency about their personal information" for the sake of convenience and "gobbling up everything they can learn about you and trying to monetize it." After calling this practice wrong, he warned that "someday, customers will see this for what it is." However, some speculate that taking this position could hurt Apple's competitiveness.

According to the Obama administration, a recent massive data breach of federal worker information has been linked to hacker groups based in China. Whether it was state-sponsored is unclear.

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