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Focusing SEO Efforts with Server Log Data
Siloing - How to Theme a Web Site for Clear Subject Relevance
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  FEATURE: Focusing SEO Efforts with Server Log Data
Author: Virginia Nussey

The ability to track a consumer's interactions with a brand or business from initial exposure to completed conversion is one of the most exciting and useful developments to happen to commerce since the advent of the Internet itself. Finally, business owners are able to see, in records generated straight from the source as they happen, what's working or not working with customers visiting a Web site.

One of the most basic sources of this data is a Web server log. Analyzing the data stored within a Web server log provides a business owner or Web site optimizer with an educational resource about the behavior of visitors to the site.

  BACK TO BASICS: Siloing - How to Theme a Web Site for Clear Subject Relevance
Author: Paula Allen

The term "siloing" is accepted SEO-industry jargon now, based on the idea of agricultural silos. Farmers, of course, have to keep different grains in separate silos. If barley, oats and wheat were all mixed together, the mixture would lose its value and no longer be sellable as anything other than just generic "grains."

Similarly, a Web site's contents must be clearly categorized into themes in order for a search engine to know what it specifically contains. You can achieve clear subject relevance and the best SEO benefit by siloing your site contents. Here's how.

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  Hot Topics

Last week at PubCon Las Vegas, Google representative Matt Cutts strongly suggested that the speed with which a page loads will be an increasingly important indicator for rankings. Cutts, head of Google's search quality team, made the announcement at the Smackdown Session during the Internet marketing conference.

In an interview with Mike McDonald of WebProNews, Cutts explains why site speed will likely become a ranking factor in the near future:

"We're starting to think more and more about, you know, should speed be a factor in Google's rankings, you know, because even in AdWords if your site is slow that can be a factor in how much you might have to pay in AdWords. Historically we haven't used it in our search rankings, but a lot of people within Google think that the Web should be fast, it should be a good experience. And so it's sort of fair to say if you're a fast site maybe you should get a little bit of a bonus, or if you have a really awfully slow site then maybe, you know, users don't want that as much."

As multimedia and rich media content become more popular online, page load time becomes a greater challenge to webmasters and SEOs. However, it is in a business's best interest that site performance and site engagement be considered together.

Cutts points to as a resource for optimizing load speed. Bruce Clay, Inc.'s SEO recommendations include optimizing your server speed; for more details, see Book VII of SEO All-In-One for Dummies.


Digital intelligence agency comScore reported that e-commerce spending in the U.S. during the third quarter of the year was down two percent compared to last year. In their findings, the organization anticipated positive year over year growth in the fourth quarter.

Search engine companies have reported their third quarter results for 2009:

  • Yahoo! reported revenue of $1.57 billion, a 12 percent decrease from the same time last year.
  • Reporting $12.9 billion in overall revenue, Microsoft announced a 14 percent decline in revenue since last year.
  • Google revenue was reported at $5.94 billion for the quarter, a 7 percent year of year increase.
  • AOL's overall revenues declined 23 percent year over year to $777 million.
  • Total revenue of's parent company IAC dropped 9 percent year of year to $336.6 million.

Google announced two significant acquisitions in the mobile computing field: AdMob and Gizmo5. Google's purchase of the online phone company Gizmo5 will likely mean the application of Gizmo5's open-source technology to services like Google Voice and signals Google's possible intentions to become a notable phone carrier.

The acquisition of mobile display advertising company AdMob is known to be the third largest acquisition price Google has paid, following YouTube and DoubleClick. The deal is being dubbed a watershed moment for mobile advertising as it reveals Google's high expectations of mobile as an ad platform.

Microsoft announced 800 more job cuts, basically completing the series of layoffs announced at the beginning of the year. The layoff of Don Dodge, director of business development for Microsoft's Emerging Business Team, was met critically by the business blogging community.

Search continues to integrate social media and real-time content. Bing struck deals with Twitter and Facebook to include status updates in search results. Google will also begin returning Twitter updates in SERPs.

Yahoo! has partnered with real-time information technology providers including OneRiot to test real-time search offerings. Social networking sites Twitter and LinkedIn have partnered to allow users to share information across both sites.

Yahoo! put to rest a piece of Web history when it shut down GeoCities, its Web hosting service, at the end of October. Some analysts believe the free service may have been nixed in the interest of providing a paid version of the service.

The Yahoo! board of directors said goodbye to billionaire investor Carl Icahn. Icahn originally joined the board with the goal of renewing Microsoft's interest in acquiring Yahoo! and later was a supportive voice in bringing about the Microsoft-Yahoo! search deal.

AOL's nine-member board of directors and chief executive have been named following Time Warner's decision to spin off the Internet services company. Tim Armstrong will serve as CEO and chairman of the board. Richard Dalzell, Karen Dykstra, William Hambrecht, Patricia Mitchell, Michael Powell, Fredric Reynolds, James Stengel and Jim Wiatt will be named board members after the separation from Time Warner is finalized.

Social networking site Facebook held on to the top spot in social media market share for September, with 58.59 percent of visits to social networking sites in the U.S. A far second, social networking site MySpace followed with 30 percent of social media market share. MySpace recently announced that its advertising deal with Google was in jeopardy due to traffic shortfalls on the site.

Browser market share is shifting, with Google's Chrome gaining ground and Microsoft's Internet Explorer dropping. However, Internet Explorer is still number one with 64.64 percent, followed by Mozilla's Firefox at 24.7 percent, Apple's Safari at 4.42 percent, and Chrome at 3.58 percent.

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Bing rolled out a beautiful new video site that integrates MSN and Bing videos and also accesses videos from YouTube, ABC and Hulu. Also new from Bing was an update to Bing mobile that includes flight status lookups, NFL game updates and more.

Firefox is having their five year anniversary on the Internet. Congratulations also go to everyone's favorite Web marketer, Ralph Wilson, who has entered his 15th year publishing Web Marketing Today. reached a milestone, accumulating 400 million Q&A pairs and strengthening its position as the search engine choice for question-style queries.

Shoppers and travelers will benefit this holiday season as Google, Yahoo, eBay and Microsoft all plan to sponsor free Wi-Fi in public places as part of their marketing spend.

Facebook deserves kudos for winning its lawsuit against a chronic spammer and being awarded $711 million in damages. Spammers, beware!

LeapFish will donate to Make-A-Wish Foundation whenever someone uses Twitter to Tweet-a-Cause and help a child.

  Word on the Wire

Google has announced it will launch its improved indexing infrastructure, Google Caffeine, following the holiday season. It has already been rolled out to a single data center, but the full launch won't occur until after the traditionally stressful peak season of e-commerce.

An experimental feature called Social Search is now available through Google Labs. The service aggregates a user's social circle via Gmail contacts, Google Reader, Google Profile, associates on Twitter and FriendFeed, and other sources. A summary of all the data Google has stored on a user account can now be accessed through a Google Accounts dashboard.

Google Analytics now boasts a number of new features, including added engagement goals, expanded mobile reporting, advanced filtering, sharing segments and custom report templates, and custom alerts. The company is also testing an enhanced management console for its ad platform AdSense.

Google Custom Search has been updated with new themes along with a feature called Structured Search. The new service lets users search for specific attributes of content rather than general terms included within content. A Google Custom Search skin has been integrated with the collaborative online encyclopedia Wikipedia.

Google News now allows users to build custom sections using keywords and other filters. A new Google search called Commerce Search offers a site-dedicated search experience for retail Web sites.

Through partnerships with streaming music sites, Google now includes music in search results, allowing users to listen to and buy songs directly from the search results page. Yahoo! is also becoming more musically interactive as Yahoo! Video Search lets users engage and refine interactions with music videos and albums through an intuitive new interface.

A report by TurnHere, an online video marketing service provider, suggests that in 2010 online video will be the first priority among online marketing tools.

Rupert Murdoch, CEO of media conglomerate News Corp., has again shunned the search engine services of Google in favor of paid content access. Online video site Hulu may begin charging users for access to content in 2010.

According to a study performed by Holland-based First Focus and ValueWait, 45 percent of surveyed Dutch Google users don't recognize a difference between paid results and organic listings in search engine results.

The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) has approved a proposal that allows Web addresses to include non-English characters, letting those who speak languages other than English traverse the Web entirely in their own language. The Egyptian government is among the first to utilize this function, creating an Internet domain suffix in Arabic.


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