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Takeaways from SMX Advanced Seattle 2010
SEO in Large Organizations: Tactics for Successful Implementation
Universal Search Occurrences and Types in
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Takeaways from SMX Advanced Seattle 2010

Author: Virginia Nussey

At SMX Advanced Seattle, Bruce Clay, Inc. and the team of guest livebloggers reported the information and research shared at 14 sessions. Topics and tactics ranged from SEO and social media to paid search and business considerations, explained by Internet marketing professionals and search engine representatives. Here you'll find selected highlights from each of the 14 sessions. You can find in-depth conference coverage in the SMX Advanced liveblog posts on the Bruce Clay, Inc. blog.

SEO in Large Organizations: Tactics for Successful Implementation

This article is intended to serve as a follow up to a live webcast presentation for Search Marketing Now. You can view the recorded webcast and read about the strategy of managing expectations and defining success for SEO in large organizations for background on the tactics offered here.

In part one of this two-part series on SEO for large businesses, we outlined 12 key areas where large organizations must focus their search engine marketing initiatives and four tactics which help accomplish these high-level strategies. In part two, you'll find specific tasks that can help accomplish the goal of the key areas.

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SEO for Small Business: Get an SEO Primer
By Brent Rangen
SEO is not a new fad. Keyword stuffing, cloaking, link exchanges, link wheels, and spamming have been around for years. SEO has evolved into something much more since then. Why? Because Google has evolved into something much more.

Thinking Outside the Bot
By Dvir Weininger
A small business owner might not understand technical jargon, or "geek speak" well enough to not be a bit apprehensive about the concept of SEO; that's why "thinking outside the bot" is so important.

Get Over Your SEO Commitment-phobia and Take the Plunge
By Jennifer Van Iderstyne
Two words, small businesses: Buy In. Seriously. That's my advice. I realize that may sound too trite to be legitimate, but it's real. The best way to improve your online presence is to make a commitment to pursuing one.

SEO for Small Business: Building a Foundation
By Chris Harmon
SEO is a foundation of a good site. It's not something that should be offered as an add-on expense. A properly developed site will perform the best-practices basics of SEO from the start.

Social Media for Small Business
By Chris Harmon
If your customer is following you, they are going to need to feel they are interacting with someone near the top of the company food chain. Ask what you want to get out of social sites. Write down a plan and be prepared to adjust it in a month.

Social Media Marketing Essentials for the Small Business Web Presence
By Jeff Toler
In the broadest sense of the term, social media marketing can and usually does embrace a number of outlets including: tweeting, blogging, viewer-supplied content sites, email campaigns and cell phone texting.

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  INTERNATIONAL: Universal Search Occurrences and Types in
Author: Des Odell, Bruce Clay Australia

In order to better serve subscribers around the world, the Bruce Clay, Inc. SEO Newsletter has partnered with Bruce Clay Australia to feature news and events from the fast-growing Internet marketing industry in Australia. Be sure to look for international news and content, which will be identified with an icon of the Australian flag.

Recently, we noticed many more Universal Search results appearing in the SERPs. We performed some testing on the number of occurrences and the type of Universal Search results to provide some actionable insights and data to back up our observations.

We selected a sample of different search results in (searched from an Australian IP and eliminating the impacts of personalised search) and recorded the occurrences and types of Universal Search results. We gathered this data across a number of different keyword groups including brand, high-volume, mid-tier, long-tail and celebrity- and news-related keywords. We then tracked those search results over a period of days to determine the level of change.

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  Hot Topics

The Google Caffeine algorithm update put everyone on edge for the better part of 2010. Speculation mounted in anticipation as the SEO community forecast potential changes on the horizon. Google officially announced Caffeine was live on June 8, the same week SMX Advanced occurred in Seattle.

Matt Cutts, head of Google's Webspam team, spoke about Caffeine's purpose in a question-and-answer session same day at SMX. Turns out, its goal is simple: allow spiders to crawl and index pages all at once, delivering fresher, more relevant results than was ever possible.

But there's more to Caffeine than just efficiency by Google; webmasters everywhere must polish their sites to keep them in tip-top shape to compete.

As Caffeine Takes Effect, Best Practices Rule

Caffeine allows Google to index more pages in more languages than ever before to produce the most relevant results for the online user. So what does that mean for rankings and long-term health of websites? In this case, SEO best practices continue to shine:

  • Ensure the site uses siloing (theming) best practices, so the search engine and the online user can navigate it with ease to find what they're looking for. And remember, Meta data is an important part of communicating what the pages are about. Internal linking strategies also aid in telling the search engine what pages are important throughout the site.
  • Assess the website's design to make sure it's as SEO friendly as possible. This includes action items like cleaning up unnecessary code and truncating images. And since site speed was recently announced separately as a factor in Google's algorithm, make sure servers are also up to par.
  • Keep site content fresh. Revisit old pages and update them as new developments occur. Making a 20 percent or more change to content tells the search engines there's updated content and invites them to come back to that page for indexing.
  • Ensure the company whether big or small is participating in important social media communities online, as Google's increased focus on relevance includes results in real time, including conversations from sites like Twitter.
  • Continue to focus on targeted, long-tail keyword optimization, as those phrases will produce the most relevant results for the online user.
  • Make quality link strategy a priority. Your site will continue to be rewarded for seeming like an expert in your space.

New York-based Internet marketing company 10e20 acquired Brent Csutoras, Inc., a viral marketing agency, announced June 2. Brent Csutoras joins 10e20 as its senior vice president of viral marketing.

Yahoo!'s Raymie Stata was promoted from chief architect to chief technology officer and senior vice president of its technology department earlier this month. Stata replaces former CTO Ari Balogh.

Google acquired Invite Media this month, an East Coast startup that enables advertisers to use real-time bidding for ad space online. The acquisition of the service has raised conflict of interest concerns because Google also owns the DoubleClick ad platform.

Hearst Corporation announced plans to acquire iCrossing, a global digital marketing agency. The close of the agreement is subject to regulatory and other review.

Bid farewell to Bing's cashback feature on July 30. Bing announced on June 4 it would be scrapping the service designed to allow advertisers to reach consumers with compelling offers, hoping to create a new type of shopping experience.

As former director of technical marketing at Yahoo!, Laura Lippay joins Nine By Blue and Vanessa Fox as its newest teammate.

RESUMES WANTED! Bruce Clay, Inc. is accepting resumes for a number of positions within our California and New York offices. We expect to fill the following positions throughout 2010, so we encourage you to forward your resume for consideration.

Positions in California:

  • Sr. SEM Analyst
  • SEO Analyst
  • Sales Executive
  • Sr. IT Manager
  • HR Hiring Recruiter
  • Web Developer
  • Web Analytics Analyst
  • Content Writer
  • Client Liaison

Position in New York:

  • Sales Executive

All employees must work at the respective office locations. Please send resumes to

  Sound Bytes

If you like what you've read in the SEO Newsletter, there's more Internet marketing expertise where that came from. Check out SEM Synergy every Wednesday at 3:00 p.m. Eastern and noon Pacific on

Bruce Clay and the other hosts discuss industry news, SEO tactics and marketing trends, while expert guests share their insights on methods, best practices and upcoming events. Check out the show schedule below for a look at recent shows and upcoming topics.

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June 9
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June 23
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Bruce Clay's June 17 webcast on Search Marketing Now discusses managing expectations and defining success for SEO in large organizations. The free webcast begins at 1 p.m. EDT and can be downloaded after for those who missed it.

The Digital Publishing & Advertising Conference happens June 24 in New York City and focuses on transformational digital content and the advertising economy.

Promoting thought leadership on topics related to Internet economy, the 3rd Annual Internet Summit occurs Nov. 17 and 18 in Raleigh, NC.

Top experts in social media, search marketing and business gather for BlueGlass LA in Marina Del Rey, CA, July 19 and 20.

Affiliate marketing convention AffCon2010 takes place in Denver, CO, June 21 to June 23. Attendance is free for affiliate marketers.

Web performance and operations is the focus of the Velocity conference, presented by O'Reilly June 22 to June 24 in Santa Clara, CA.

In the U.S., upcoming SEOToolSet® standard and advanced training and certification dates are as follows:

  • July 12-16 in Simi Valley, California
  • July 19-23 in Long Island, New York

There's still time to sign up for Bruce Clay Australia's one-day SEO training class 23 June in Melbourne or in Sydney 10 August and 3 November.


A new feature that supports engagement and community on video site YouTube will use Google Moderator to allows users to solicit ideas or questions on a topic, which can then be voted on by the community in real time.

Google now allows users on the Web to opt-out of tracking on the Google Analytics platform. The browser add-on for versions of Internet Explorer, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox is now in beta.

Google has also refused regulators' requests to surrender Internet data collected from unsecured home wireless networks. Applause for not handing over private data to Big Brother on a whim. Boos for collecting it in the first place.

A study shows that Google users in the U.S. turn to Yahoo!, followed by Ask and then Bing, when they can't find satisfactory results in the most popular search engine.

Yahoo! has redesigned its image and video search results pages to include trending results. Following an announcement of increased social integration, Yahoo! has expanded its use of social status updates, while consciously steering clear of unwanted user privacy missteps.

  Word on the Wire

Bing has taken its social network integration to the next level with a social search vertical that includes updates and shared links from Facebook and Twitter.

Google is testing a News home page that features social sharing functionality and additional customization options.

Apple announced a number of service and device updates at the Worldwide Developer Conference in June, including the iPhone 4, the iOs 4, Safari 5 and iAd mobile advertising platform. In announcing the upcoming mobile ad platform, Steve Jobs seemed to fly in the face of the FTC by predicting the platform will account for 50 percent of the mobile ad market by the end of the year.

Twitter has issued a cease and desist for all third-party advertisers on the Twitter network as the microblogging network tries to get its own Promoted Tweets platform off the ground.

Google is testing a new display ad format that features an advertiser's Twitter account, a recent Twitter update and the Twitter logo.

A search engine algorithm update in early May was confirmed by Google's Matt Cutts at the SMX Advanced Q&A keynote and in a video on the GoogleWebmasterHelp channel on YouTube. The algorithm update, referred to as Mayday, is intended to improve the quality of search results, and seemed to effect long-tail queries the most.

A Nielsen survey reports that 22 percent of time spent online is taking place on social networks or blog sites, a figure that increased 24 percent since last year. Pew Research Center reports that more than half of U.S. adults watch or download video online, suggesting online video has reached critical mass. However, another The Nielsen Company report suggests that in May, U.S. Internet usage saw a month-over-month decline for the second straight month, resulting in less time spent with brands online.


If you have any questions or comments on any of the above Internet marketing news items or if you would like to suggest topics for future search engine optimization articles, please contact us at Bruce Clay, Inc.

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