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Small Biz Discovery Contest Winning Entries
Lessons Learned from Our Internet Marketing Contest
SEO Factors & Trends 2010 - July Update
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Small Biz Discovery Contest Winning Entries


BruceClay Contest Grand Prize Winner SEO for Small Business: Get an SEO Primer
By Brent Rangen

SEO is not a new fad. Keyword stuffing, cloaking, link exchanges, link wheels, and spamming have been around for years. SEO has evolved into something much more since then. Why? Because Google has evolved into something much more.

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BruceClay Contest SEO Category Winner

Thinking Outside the Bot
By Dvir Weininger

A small business owner might not understand technical jargon, or "geek speak" well enough to not be a bit apprehensive about the concept of SEO; that's why "thinking outside the bot" is so important.

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BruceClay Contest SMM Category Winner

Social Media Marketing Essentials for the Small Business Web Presence
By Jeff Toler

In the broadest sense of the term, social media marketing can and usually does embrace a number of outlets including: tweeting, blogging, viewer-supplied content sites, email campaigns and cell phone texting.

Read more of Social Media Marketing Essentials for the Small Business Web Presence.

Lessons Learned from Our Internet Marketing Contest

Author: Virginia Nussey

Everyone likes free stuff. In fact, people will do a lot for a prize. Though sometimes, a lot has to be done to give away prizes, too. That's what we found over the last few months during our Small Biz Discovery Contest.

In May we began accepting entries to the contest that we hoped would provide increased visibility, positive sentiment, and quality content for our brand and contests can be an excellent form of link building. While the contest format and expectations were an improvement upon contests we had run in the past, we've recognized in hindsight that there is still room for growth.

In recognizing mistakes, we can hone in on ways to do better next time. We're documenting these lessons in order to learn from them. If you've ever considered planning a contest now or in the future, this contest confession may help you avoid our missteps and learn something, too.

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  INTERNATIONAL: SEO Factors & Trends 2010 - July Update
Author: Martin Orliac, Bruce Clay Australia

In order to better serve subscribers around the world, the Bruce Clay, Inc. SEO Newsletter has partnered with Bruce Clay Australia to feature news and events from the fast-growing Internet marketing industry in Australia. Be sure to look for international news and content, which will be identified with an icon of the Australian flag.

In January 2010, Bruce Clay Australia released its annual SEO report including key 2009 ranking factors and major trends for 2010. Six months later, the search engine landscape has evolved dramatically, confirming these trends and introducing new dimensions to them.

The key factors with increased importance in 2010 are speed of site, mobile search, online brand presence, social media optimisation, personalised search, linking, richer search listings, spidering and new developments like Google’s infrastructure update, Caffeine, and the Mayday algorithm update.

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  Hot Topics

Hands down, this month's recognition goes to major hottie, the Old Spice guy, and the brand's steamy social media campaign. It's been a while since a marketing campaign has brought the Internet to a standstill, captivated an audience so intently, gone viral so quickly, and leveraged engagement quite so nimbly.

Over the course of two days, Old Spice, the makers of men's personal care products, elevated an award-winning ad campaign featuring actor Isaiah Mustafa to an engaging new level. The Old Spice marketing team created a series of YouTube videos responding in close-to-real time to questions and comments submitted through various social media channels. Responses to celebrities helped the campaign get early attention, but the campaign really shined through witty and humorous interactions with regular users and fans.

What Old Spice Did

That all sounds great, but what did Old Spice do to deserve this attention? Old Spice created original, remarkable and just plain fun content. And as far as marketing, they did everything right, including media involvement, real-time interaction, the creation of personal connections, and a highly addictive campaign.

What Old Spice Didn't Do

Despite speculation, YouTube has said that a crop of 503 errors on the site was not due to the popularity and traffic rush of the Old Spice campaign. It also remains to be seen if the marketing effort will positively affect sales. Following the launch of the original TV spot that racked up more than 12 million views on YouTube, sales of the brand dropped 7 percent.

What Happens Next

When enough time has gone by to analyze the final effects of the campaign, it's likely that Old Spice will see higher levels of brand recognition, brand loyalty and community engagement, as well as a larger potential customer base and a youthful repositioning of the brand as hip and cool. Notably, the parent company of Old Spice had to relinquish control of the campaign in order to allow it to live up to its potential. There's no doubt that this campaign will be a catalyst for a wave of engaging social media campaigns for brands of all sizes. Old Spice has set a new bar for the marketing world, and we may all be better for it.


Breaking up is hard to do. AOL sold social networking site Bebo for a paltry $10 million. AOL acquired the company in 2008 for $850 million. EVP of serach technology and an original co-founder of Teoma, Apostolos Gerasoulis, has resigned. Teoma was acquired by Ask in October 2001.

In acquisitions, The Huffington Post has acquired two person technology startup Adaptive Semantics.

Marketwire Inc. has acquired Sysomos an advanced social media monitoring and analytics platform.

The companies behind the new BlueGlassLA conference have combined to create a full service online agency. BlueGlass Inc consists of a merger between 10e20, Search and Social, Infinitenine and Brent Csutoras Inc.

Eightfold Logic launched Linker, a social marketplace for link building. The company likens the service to a for the link-building set. The aim is to enable search marketers to connect with businesses.

RESUMES WANTED! Bruce Clay, Inc. is accepting resumes for a number of positions within our California and New York offices. We expect to fill the following positions throughout 2010, so we encourage you to forward your resume for consideration.

Positions in California:

  • SEO Analyst
  • Sales Executive
  • Sr. IT Manager
  • HR Hiring Recruiter
  • Web Developer
  • Web Analytics Analyst
  • Content Writer
  • Sr. SEM Analyst
  • Client Liaison

Position in New York:

  • Sales Executive

All employees must work at the respective office locations. Please send resumes to

  Sound Bytes

If you like what you've read in the SEO Newsletter, there's more Internet marketing expertise where that came from. Check out SEM Synergy every Wednesday at 3:00 p.m. Eastern and noon Pacific on

Bruce Clay and the other hosts discuss industry news, SEO tactics and marketing trends, while expert guests share their insights on methods, best practices and upcoming events. Check out the show schedule below for a look at recent shows and upcoming topics.

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July 28
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Got something to say? Contact the SEM Synergy team and share your thoughts, comments and questions. You might even hear your question answered on the show.


PPC marketers in New York City have a couple more days to get in on the officially supported AdWords Seminars. This is the last stop on the East Coast this year.

Promoting thought leadership on topics related to Internet economy, the 3rd Annual Internet Summit occurs November 17 and 18 in Raleigh, NC.

Top experts in social media, search marketing and business gather for BlueGlass LA in Marina Del Rey, CA, July 19 and 20. Bruce Clay, Inc writers will be on hand for liveblogging coverage.

August 16-20 sees the return of search marketing event SES to San Francisco. Use code: 20BRU when you sign up to get a discount on your tickets. Check out the optional one-day training seminars in SEO, SEM and site architecture, as well as the various other conferences and workshops taking place as part of the first-ever marketing festival, Connected Marketing Week.

In the U.S., the newly updated SEOToolSet® standard and advanced training and certification dates are as follows:

Simi Valley, California

  • August 23-27 (Standard & Advanced)
  • September 13-17 (Standard & Advanced)
  • October 11-15 (Standard & Advanced)
  • November 15-19 (Standard & Advanced)

Long Island, New York

  • October 18-22 (Standard & Advanced)

There's still time to sign up for Bruce Clay Australia's one-day SEO training class in Sydney 10 August and 3 November.

Internet marketers in New Delhi can sign up for Bruce Clay, Inc.'s very first India SEOToolSet Training course August 3-5. Both standard SEOToolSet Training and Advanced Certification courses are available.


Congrats to Google Voice for officially launching to the public on June 22. Google reports some of Voice's features were based on suggestions of more than a million users.

Kudos to Google for its GoogleServe program that allows employees to take a day off to give back through community service. More than 6,000 employees in 27 countries participated in June.

Bing rolls out of beta with improvements to its Web crawler, now called Bingbot. Bing says it will still honor robots.txt directives written for msnbot, so no change is required to pre-existing files. is continuing its mission to be the go-to destination in the question and answer space with a new Q&A engine to be released at the end of the month.

Bing has partnered with, pledging $3 to the charity program for every person that chooses Bing as their default search engine.

Expanding on its popular Google Fiber experimental ultra-high speed broadband network, the search engine has launched a site to help Internet users raise awareness and garner support for changes to federal and local policies nationwide.

Google's has awarded 12 university projects research grants as part of its ongoing support of the digital humanities. Along with offering unrestricted grants for a year, Google will provide access to tools and technologies that will aid the work of digital humanities research.

  Word on the Wire

Search Engine Land asks if Quora will challenge Google as the latest Web search platform launched in beta late last month. Search Engine Land categorizes Quora as an "Aardvark meets LinkedIn Q&A meets Twitter," and reports it can be categorized as an "answer" or "help" engine, facilitating questions and answers between people online.

The matter of Viacom versus YouTube was settled when a court ruled in favor of Google before the case went to trial for Viacom, Inc.'s claim that Google infringed on copyrights on its YouTube property by featuring certain Viacom content.

A recent poll by Weber Shandwick in partnership with Powell Tate and KRC Research showed 39 percent of Americans are tuning out of social media due to uncivilized dialogue online.

Despite the data of the previous news blurb, reports show social media use is up 230 percent since 2007. The report shows 43 percent of social media users visit the sites more than once per day.

How is Google making the Web faster, yet again? Google's senior VP of operation, Urs Holzle, spoke at O'Reilly Velocity 2010 conference and reinforced speed is at the forefront of Google's agenda. Hozle said in partnership with site owners improving their website speeds, Google is using its own infrastructure to create a faster Internet for all users.

The FTC closes its investigation of Twitter and it security practices after the Twitter agreed to implement the government institute's suggestions. The FTC began an examination of Twitter after several accounts were hacked in two separate instances.

Social giant Facebook is trying its hand at search. Users have found they can query a keyword and find third-party websites on a Facebook-hosted SERP, of sorts.

Site owners can now condense the amount of XML Sitemaps they need to create because Google's XML Sitemaps now has functionality to support multiple types of content (video, images, etc.) in one.

Take a sneak peek at the new Digg version 4.0 via BlueGlass' Brent Csutoras.

Bay-area headquartered Facebook and Google are at the center of this Oakland Tribune post that reports on Google's partial block by the Chinese government and Facebook's new open-book policy on telling what parts of a person's profile are accessed for applications.

Google relaunches YouTube Mobile and introduces YouTube Leanback to give users a more personalized experience and enhanced mobile downloading speeds.


If you have any questions or comments on any of the above Internet marketing news items or if you would like to suggest topics for future SEO, PPC or Internet marketing articles, please contact us at Bruce Clay, Inc.

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