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Search Marketing Education: Critical for Business Success

by Jessica Lee, September 17, 2010

Times are still tough for businesses across the United States. The health of small and large companies nationwide is fragile, as businesses continue to cut budgets to make ends meet. A major shift in focus from traditional marketing to Internet marketing has occurred since before the full-blown recession, and has since gained incredible speed.

It used to be that the first page was enough. Historically, companies on the first page of a search engine results page (SERP) receive measurably more traffic and potential conversions through online searches. But now, with all the massive changes to Google's algorithm in the past year, companies must learn the tricks and trade to keep up and find positions on a SERP that are most impactful.

Earlier this year, Bruce Clay said the top three positions are the new Page 1. And now we are learning the impact of the new Google Instant search, launched in the past month, and dealing with how to remain competitive in conjunction with the lightning speed at which search is changing.

Top rankings are attainable. The key is learning how to work in partnership with the search engines. This means using the tools and methodologies that adapt to the way search is changing. It's a rapid-moving phenomenon, so refreshing SEO strategy often is essential.

With the right SEO training and tools, businesses can find success and even be ahead of the curve when their competition finally jumps on board with Internet marketing. It's inevitable that Internet marketing and SEO will become the primary focus in the future of business marketing.

As we move into the fourth quarter of 2010, businesses begin to plan marketing strategy and budget for 2011. Investing in SEO training is a small price to pay for the potentially massive ROI a company can receive from it. For many businesses, Internet marketing and search are the only hope for business marketing success until America pulls out of the recession.

Investing in SEO training isn't just beneficial to businesses; professionals looking to make a career change or add additional skill sets find that SEO training is an attractive addition to their resume. And with the unemployment rate still at an incredible high, the jobless look to promising industries that, against all odds, continue to see success.

These Industries include search and Internet marketing, and are growing while others are shrinking. The demand for professionals who understand how to immediately apply digital marketing strategies to help ensure a business stays afloat and even grows is extremely high right now. For some, SEO training may just be their ticket to a full-time career.

Training Options for the Remainder of 2010

There are countless ways to receive search and Internet marketing training this year to gear up for 2011. Conferences, on-site training or classroom training are just a few options.


It's not too late to register for some of the industries' largest conferences, including SMX East 2010 and PubCon Las Vegas 2010. SMX East, from October 4 to 6 in New York City is one of search marketing's top gatherings. PubCon is also a highly anticipated event focusing on search and social media, and Sin City hosts this event from November 8 to November 11 this year.

Attendees of these conferences learn from top professionals and experts about the latest in search, how to immediately apply tactics for ROI and plan for the future. Many professionals equate these conferences either as mandatory continuing education or fast-track immersion education. Bruce Clay, Inc. has long been a supporter of these events, and Bruce Clay himself has been invited year after year to share his expert insight and methodologies for search marketing.

Beginning with SES two years ago, Bruce Clay, Inc. has paired with SMX, SES, and ad:Tech to offer a one-day SEO Training at conferences. Attendees can now supplement their education from the various conference "tracks" with hands-on tricks and tools of the trade from one of the founders of SEO, Bruce Clay.

Student of the one-day not only gain the knowledge they need to hit the ground running, but also receive a subscription to the cutting-edge SEOToolSet® from Bruce Clay, Inc., which facilitates SEO strategy immediately.

Conferences a great way to learn from the experts, but they're also invaluable for professional networking. Attendees rub elbows with some of the industries best and brightest, both at the conference and after-hour parties. These events can be a great way to get a foot in the door at sought-after companies across industries.

Bruce Clay, Inc. is offering a special discount for registration to SMX East and PubCon. Use code smx10bruceclay to receive 20 percent off SMX East 2010 registration. Use code rc-2736015 for 10 percent off PubCon Las Vegas 2010 registration.

On-Site and Classroom Training

On-site and classroom SEO training are both great ways to receive an in-depth education on current best practices and methodologies directly from the experts in an intimate setting.

On-site training is perfect for companies that want a knowledge transfer to a group of employees through course material that is tailored to their business specifically. Classroom training, on the other hand, is great for an in-depth overview of search marketing practices, and addresses what's currently happening in search and how to deal with it.

Classroom training is also a great way for professionals of all levels and employment situations to brush up on or expand a skill set. Adding search marketing to a resume can be an extremely smart move in this unstable job economy.

Bruce Clay, Inc. has offered its SEOToolSet Training since 1999. Each year, the course changes to meet the fast-paced demands of search. The three-day standard course is an immersion in SEO concepts and best practices. The advanced course for SEOToolSet certification is a well-respected qualification in and outside of the search industry for those who know the Bruce Clay, Inc. name.

Through the end of the year, Bruce Clay's Student Loyalty Program offers returning students 25 percent off of SEO training for both the standard and advanced course. Friends and colleagues who sign up with returning students each receive $300 off registration to the standard course. Returning students include those who have attended training prior to July 2010, including students of the one-day conference training from Bruce Clay, Inc.

Bruce Clay, Inc. offers opportunities for year-round on-site corporate SEO training, and has educated some of the country's top brands on how to tackle in-house SEO. For on-site training, call 866.517.1900.

For more information, visit our page on SEO training and conference discounts.

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