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Web Analytics Tools

PathStats™ offers comprehensive data regarding your website activity. With packages ranging from standard to advanced, PathStats™ can be integrated into SEOToolSet® allowing users the opportunity to track traffic and revenue resulting from SEO and PPC campaigns. PathStats™ provides weekly multi-faceted action ready reports containing extensive analytics data focused on Key Performance Indicators.


Those who choose the PathStats™ Intermediate and Advanced packages have the ability to create ad hoc reports and perform in-depth analysis of campaigns. This comes in addition to receiving standard data regarding visits, visitors, page views, and unique vs. repeat visitors. The data analysis tool provides the ability to create customized reports based on campaigns, visitor browser, frequency, geography, and more. Data can be viewed on a daily or weekly granularity for intermediate users, while the advanced package can provide up-to-the-hour data. The campaign analysis tool allows for the tracking of e-mail, banner ad, and various other campaigns to determine click-through rate, campaign opens, and unique clicks. Advanced and Intermediate Package users may also create a conversion funnel to incorporate conversion rate metrics into action ready reports.

Those who opt for the PathStats™ Advanced package have the ability to visualize the path of their visitors through the Link Tracker tool, which provides statistical data on the number of times the links throughout each page of your site are followed. In addition, the extensive pathing tools assist in determining abandonment and the most followed visitor path from a particular page (or anchor).

Conversion Metrics

Conversion measurement tools allow you to do the following:

  • Define multi-step processes in terms of the number of steps
  • Track visitors from step to step to measure bailout from step by step
  • Learn details about the average time spent on a page, pages viewed prior to that page, pages leading from a particular page, and points at which visitors abandoned the process

You can collect the following data:

  • Number of visits
  • Number of unique visitors
  • Number of page views
  • Average time spent by visit
  • Steps that may lead to bailout

In addition, we are referring you to the resources below, which can assist you in selecting the right web metrics for analysis to improve your website and marketing campaign performance.

More Resources

  1. ConversionRater Blog

    The Conversion Rater's by-line is "Making the web convert for your goals." This is a good resource for increasing conversions with various web marketing strategies, including web analytics. You can find tools, articles and other resources to help improve your conversion rates. Categories include: Acquisitions, Ad Networks, AdSense, Advertising, AdWords, Asides, Blogging, Conversion Rates, Ecommerce, Google, Ideas, Link Building, Microsoft, Random, Right Media, RSS, Site Marketing, SSEs, Startups, Web 2.0, Web Analytics, Yahoo!, Yield Manager and YPH.

  2. Emetrics Summit

    Jim Sterne, author of the seminal "Web Metrics: Proven Methods for Measuring Web Site Success," hosts the highly esteemed Emetrics Summit, held annually in Santa Barbara, London and Munich.

    The Emetrics Summit has been addressing the question of "How do you measure the success of your website?" since 2002. Web analytics guru Eric Peterson's testimonial says, "Hands down the best event - Great presentations, Great accommodations, Great conversation."

    You may also want to subscribe to Sterne Measures, a newsletter that answers critical questions such as:

    • What metrics justify web-based projects?
    • Are there standard definitions of web metrics?
    • Can we specify benchmarks for web success?
    • How do you confirm the most valuable customers?
    • How do you calculate the ROI of personalization?
    • How do you calculate the value of web intelligence?
  3. MarketingNPV

    MarketingNPV provides knowledge, skills and tools to help marketing professionals improve decision-making and ROI measurement. The site provides several sophisticated, free analytic tools for download. No-cost site registration gives you access to a knowledge base of articles, software and book reviews.

    • The Bass Diffusion Tool is a forecasting model that helps develop new product forecasts when you lack historical data.
    • The Forward ROI tool offers a way to determine the remaining potential of a project that doesn't achieve its original objectives.
    • The "Did Advertising Drive Sales?" tool judges the effectiveness of marketing programs such as advertising, couponing, tradeshows and direct mail.

    You can subscribe to the MarketingNPV Journal, a bi-monthly publication on marketing decision-making. Or check out Marketing Measurement Today, a blog that provides "thoughts on solving the tough problems in measuring return on marketing."

  4. The Drilling Down Project

    This site is dedicated to Jim Novo's book, "The Drilling Down Project." It offers a collection of articles, tools and services you can use to "take control of your customer data and improve your profitability." You can subscribe to the monthly High ROI Customer Marketing newsletter, and Jim will send you a new chapter of the Drilling Down book every 3 days.

    Larry Chase says, "If you are looking to avoid the risk and cost of installing a customer data analysis "solution," but want to take implement conversion rate marketing tactics, this site and book are for you."

  5. Web Analytics Association

    Founded in 2005 by seven analytics experts, the Web Analytics Association (WAA) "unites and fosters the interests of industry practitioners, vendors, consultants and educators who use, sell, install, implement, consult, teach or train in the field of Web analytics."

    Founders were: Bryan Isenberg (Future Now and GrokDotCom), Jim Sterne (Target Marketing), Seth Romanow (Wunderman Y&R Brands), Andrea Hadley (NetSetGo Marketing), Andrew Edwards (Technology Leaders), Rand Schulman (WebSide Story) and Greg Drew (Web Trends). Esenberg serves as Chairman, while Sterne is President.

    The WAA provides the industry with a voice on such topics as best practices, standardization of industry terms, networking forums, training and discussion forums. The cost of a one-year professional membership is US$199.

    The WAA provides "the only educational program of its kind" through its WAA-UBC Award of Achievement in Web Analytics offered through the University of British Columbia. Curriculum and fees shown on the website.

  6. Web Analytics Demystified

    Eric T. Peterson of JupiterResearch wrote the critically acclaimed web analytics book entitled "Web Analytics Demystified." We at Bruce Clay consider this a "must-read" for our web analytics analysts, housing the book in our Library. If you want a preview, you can get a free sample chapter of the book from his homepage ( You can also click to Peterson's Analytics Weblog from his homepage.

    Eric Peterson's most recent book, The Big Book of KPIs, is available in electronic format and includes "the most complete Excel spreadsheet of KPIs in the world."

  7. Web Analytics Discussion Group

    The Web Analytics Forum is moderated by Eric T. Peterson, author of Web Analytics Demystified and The Big Book of KPIs. As with any group of individuals who are passionate about every aspect of their topic, the conversation occasionally becomes a heated exchange reminiscent of the early Internet Newsgroup days. However, the list is well-moderated and quickly put back on track.

    This discussion group gives you an insider's view of web analytics in action -- as well as tips, techniques and insights -- that can't be found anywhere else. View a sample of the discussion and join the forum from the above link.