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What is an Expert SEO Services Agency?

A services company with master-level SEO consultants (experts where the average staff analyst has over 20,000 hours of experience) and a record of doing very difficult mission-critical SEO projects. This is an agency that is above the rest and can do projects too important to trust to others.

Your first step when looking for a really qualified SEO services agency is to select one that provides truly expert-level SEO services and SEO training and proprietary SEO tools so that they are more than just talk. Select an SEO services company to drive search traffic to your website from the top of the search results. Experts focus on the projects where you cannot afford to do it over or get it wrong.

MOST SEO agencies are not experts. Most hire people with a couple of years of experience (if that), falsely give them inflated titles of Senior Analyst, SEO Managers, or another honorary title, and assign them to your projects. Most just run tools and fix design and superficial errors. Very few can do a deep dive to solve real problems. In fact, most just throw content at a problem. Funny how when the only tool in your tool kit is a hammer every problem looks like a nail. This will not consistently get you into the top-3 out of 10 million results.

You need SEO experts, or you are wasting your money.

So, what is SEO? Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the practice of using various strategies to improve a website’s visibility and increase traffic in unpaid, algorithm-driven search engine results.

The main goal of SEO is to improve a website’s ranking on search engine results pages by fulfilling users’ search intent with relevant, high-quality, and authoritative content while providing the best possible user experience. The techniques used in SEO include on-page edits, off-page techniques, web server changes, and an understanding of Google RankBrain, EEAT, and other AI systems. That is what this free SEO guide does – it lays out the steps to success for your SEO project.

In the ever-changing world of search engine optimisation, one goal remains constant: more traffic. The higher a site ranks on a search engine results page as seen by a user, the more traffic the site can receive.

Three basic questions need to be answered: Got Wisdom? Got Experts? Got Results? Basically, if you have none of these, then you will fail, but if you have all three, then success is yours.

And experts make a big difference. They will develop a strong strategy and a first-time winning tactical plan, will guide your services to a successful project, and as a team with you, they make sure your custom needs are met. No two sites are alike, and being wise and agile is the only winning combination.

Our SEO services are always tailored to match the needs of the client. And most rates are negotiable.

SEO Consulting Services

Our wide range of SEO services is designed to find opportunities for organic growth over the long term. Clients typically want to consult as a retainer program.

Our SEO consulting services are for companies that would find external expertise and guidance useful. We will work with you to provide your company with the knowledge to create and maintain a search engine-rewarded site.

This is an excellent project type to handle the “rabbit hole” research and to resolve issues needing a deep dive. We tailor your consulting program based upon your needs, in-house capabilities, and intent.

SEO Site Audit

In-depth site analysis and prioritised report.

A Bruce Clay site audit gives you an in-depth evaluation and report of issues hindering ranking, prioritized for strategic implementation.

This is not a push-a-button cheap service. It is designed to uncover deeper issues that, when resolved, will change the client’s business. As an SEO agency, we are focused on providing expert services that are unequaled. That is our reputation and brand, and our audit is our flagship service.

We have a long checklist of items that we manually check as part of what takes about 160 work hours (sometimes less and often more) over a comprehensive 6-month detection and implementation program. We check on-page, off-page, server, competitors, mobile, and more to produce several reports and a prioritized task list.

Our belief is that we do not need to impress you — you will have already chosen us. So anything that is a show stopper, red flag, or even a smoking gun is an alert. And if there is a dead body, we jump up and down and set off sirens.

The audit is a 10-week process as part of a 6-month project performed by one of our senior analysts (an average of 10+ years of industry experience). At 4 weeks, we give a preliminary findings report with things discovered that should be fixed now. It is based on some of the immediate-need items discovered in our initial research phase. Then at 8 to 10 weeks, we provide the actual audit report, which includes architecture and project items. The final report discusses what is wrong, why it matters, how to fix it (yes, actual guidance), the severity and priority. Commonly 80 to 120 pages, this is a roadmap for your SEO project.

After delivery of the report and discussions of the findings, we work with your team for three months. During that time we mentor, consult, and confirm the implementation of our findings. (Yes, you receive real guidance for implementation.) When we deliver the final report (and we cannot predict how large it will be … our largest was 272 pages), it contains a severity/priority list of things to do. When the changes are made, we then need to confirm them. Tasks are often partially or improperly done, so validation by the audit crew is useful. Also, sometimes design comes back with “cannot do that on our system,” so we then dig deeper and develop another solution or even a compromise. There will possibly be a “rabbit hole” section identifying issues requiring more research. (A rabbit hole is a hole in the ground and you have no idea how deep it is or where it leads.) Sometimes, that is where there is an issue to be resolved, and so we dig deeper.

With prioritised to-dos in hand, clients can plan their organic strategy.

This service sets our SEO agency ahead of the competition. A site audit enables SEO services clients to quickly learn what the search engines consider important. This report takes approximately 8 to 10 weeks to produce, with suitable time provided for discussion.

SEO Blocks Service

Short projects tailored to your exact needs.

For small projects, we offer SEO consulting services on a time basis … you buy hours.

This is an ask-us-anything program designed for questions, projects and just as backup to your team. You identify particular needs or questions, and we research and suggest the answers. It is generally used for tasks like “is our siloing correct,” “can you review my site migration,” or “Is my backlink profile good.” SEO blocks are intended for specific projects, but anything in SEO is acceptable.

Customised SEO Services

An SEO agency since 1996, we can offer a range of search engine optimisation services to address many types of business needs.

You may want an expert to target one key problem. Or you may need us to identify how to increase traffic to your site and create an overall SEO strategy.

We always tailor our SEO services to match your needs. As a result, whether you are a small, medium, or large company, our search marketing services can help you grow your organic reach.

You can view our SEO prices to get an idea of what we charge but keep in mind that rates are negotiable.

Do-It-Yourself Search Engine Optimisation Resources

  • SEO Tools –  In addition to SEO services, we offer power tools known as the SEOToolSet®, a browser-based set of site analysis tools and reports for SEOs. The included Bruce Clay SEO for WordPress plugin extends this analysis right into the WP environment. This advanced SEO software is available on a single low-cost subscription basis. You can try it risk-free with a 7-day free trial.
  • SEO Training – Critical training for anyone who needs to know SEO. The acclaimed Bruce Clay SEO Training course has been taken by more than 5,000 attendees worldwide. Taught by Bruce Clay himself, the course equips marketing pros to know the where, when, why and how of ethical, white-hat SEO. Training services include classroom-style sessions, SEO workshops at industry conferences, and customised courses taught at a client location.
  • Search Engine Optimization for Dummies book – Bruce Clay authored a 765-page comprehensive beginner’s guide to SEO published by Wiley in the “For Dummies” series. The book Search Engine Optimization All-in-One for Dummies is now in its third edition.
  • SEO Guide – Learn how to do SEO with this step-by-step guide. It’s a hands-on tutorial that even includes free tools.
  • SEO Blog – Here, you can read our blog posts filtered by SEO as a category

FAQ: How can I choose an SEO agency that provides expert SEO services?

Search engine optimisation (SEO) has become the cornerstone of successful online marketing strategies in today’s digital environment, yet with so many SEO agencies touting themselves as experts in this area it can be overwhelming determining who delivers professional-grade SEO services for your business. In this article, we’ll walk through how to select one with professional expertise that delivers real value for your organization.

  1. Set Clear Goals and Expectations: Before selecting an SEO agency, clearly outline your goals and expectations. For example, do you wish to increase organic traffic, increase search engine rankings or enhance online visibility? Knowing exactly which agencies best align with these needs can help ensure finding one meets them all!
  2. Research their track record: A reputable SEO agency will have a proven track record of success. Look for case studies, client testimonials and online reviews to gauge their expertise and results. Request references and reach out to past clients if possible to ensure their satisfaction with the agency’s services.
  3. Evaluate their expertise: SEO is a rapidly evolving field, and it’s crucial to work with an agency that stays up-to-date with the latest trends and best practices. Ask about their team’s qualifications, certifications and ongoing education. An agency with a team of knowledgeable and experienced professionals is more likely to provide expert SEO services.
  4. Assess their strategies: A reliable SEO agency will have a transparent approach to their strategies. Avoid agencies that promise overnight results or use unethical tactics such as keyword stuffing or buying backlinks. Look for agencies that focus on building quality content, conducting thorough keyword research, optimizing website structure and employing white-hat SEO techniques.
  5. Request a customized proposal: A reputable SEO agency will begin by conducting a comprehensive audit of your website and online presence. Based on their analysis, they should provide a customized proposal detailing the strategies they will implement to achieve your goals. Avoid agencies that offer generic packages without tailoring them to your specific needs.

By following these steps, you can choose an SEO agency with expert services that deliver digital success for your business. Remember the relationship should be long term – take your time when choosing an agency! Trust their expertise as they lead you toward digital triumph!

Step-by-Step Procedure:

  1. Outline your goals and expectations clearly.
  2. Conduct thorough research on potential SEO agencies.
  3. Look for a proven track record of success through case studies and testimonials.
  4. Evaluate the expertise of the agency’s team.
  5. Assess their strategies and ensure they align with your goals.
  6. Request a customized proposal based on a comprehensive audit of your website.
  7. Avoid agencies that promise unrealistic results or use unethical tactics.
  8. Verify the agency’s industry certifications and ongoing education.
  9. Consider agencies that focus on quality content and white-hat SEO techniques.
  10. Reach out to the references provided by the agency and inquire into their experience.
  11. Employ the services of agencies who stay current on SEO trends.
  12. Avoid agencies that offer generic packages instead of personalised solutions.
  13. Take the time to thoroughly review and compare proposals from different agencies.
  14. Consider the agency’s communication style and responsiveness.
  15. Trust your instincts and choose an agency that you feel comfortable working with.
  16. Establish clear expectations and communication channels with the chosen agency.
  17. Give the agency time to implement their strategies and monitor progress regularly.
  18. Stay informed and ask for regular reports and updates from the agency.
  19. Maintain an open line of communication with the agency to address any concerns or questions.
  20. Trust the expertise of the chosen SEO agency and be patient as long-term success takes time.

Selecting an SEO agency that provides expert SEO services is a crucial step in your digital marketing journey. By following these steps and thoroughly evaluating potential agencies, you can find a reliable partner that will help you achieve your online goals. Remember, expertise, transparency and a customized approach are key factors to consider when making your decision.

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