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Website Analytics Services

Whether your site is a simple lead generation site or a shopping/ecommerce site, you need to understand how well your site is working to achieve your business goals. Unfortunately if you do not have a Web analytics service, it is very challenging to know how to improve your site to achieve your business goals.

The Bruce Clay, Inc. Analytic Services Program

We believe that every service should involve an implemented Analytics Program. To that end, we suggest that our clients implement our Analytics Program which allows us to improve tracking and produce comprehensive reports to better manage your projects. Our largest issue is that with a high-traffic Web site that involves SEO, PPC and Branding programs that we should extend the Return on Investment (ROI) analysis so that we can target effectively on keywords and themes that generate desired results.

Omniture Certified

Our Full-Service Analytics Service is an ongoing program focusing on Google Analytics or Omniture Analytics products - we can process both expertly, and many other are an easy task. Bruce Clay, Inc. is Omniture Certified at the Implementation, Support and Sales levels, and can manage and analyze your complete Analytics program. As an agent for Omniture on both SiteCatalyst™ and SearchCenter® products with exceptional pricing, we can fully design, implement and manage a comprehensive site analytics project. We are certainly empowered in this area, and can fully implement any program we agree is appropriate. To get a free quote on our Omniture services, please fill out our Quote Request Form.

A Web site analytics service can provide answers to business questions such as:

  • What search engines are sending the traffic?
  • What are the most important keywords?
  • What is my ROI for PPC vs. search engine traffic?
  • Which online marketing campaigns are leading to successful conversions?

Of course, there are many more things a Web analytics service can do. With a Web analytics service, you can track "actions or behaviors" on the Web site that are important to your business. For example, a Web analytics service can track the number of downloads for a white paper, the amount of visitors to a page, the browser used by your traffic. It can track the number of people that signed up for a newsletter, and much more.

Over the years, the Internet industry has evolved and developed a wide variety of Web site analytics services. What they do not tell us is that these products basically do the same thing - they collect data about your site and provide reports. Whether you have a "free" service such as Google Analytics or a $10,000 per month service (yes, they exist), they all do the same thing. Of course, the more you spend, the more access you get to more sophisticated data and fancier reports and perhaps some consulting.

It turns out that a great many Web site analytics products and services are analogous to a dashboard of a car. The standard dashboard tells you about your speed, how many miles you have driven, and how much gas you have left. Some services are more sophisticated and they will provide data about the oil pressure, tire pressure and upcoming car maintenance needs.

Need more information on Analytics?

If you want a quote for one of the specific services above, complete the Analytics proposal request form. Of course, if you have questions, please contact us toll-free at (866) 517-1900 or via a toll call to (805) 517-1900.