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SEOToolSetTM 6

Search Engine Optimization Tools: SEOToolSetThe SEOToolSetTM is a suite of search engine optimization power tools created by Bruce Clay, Inc. for use with our own clients. Currently in its sixth generation, the SEOToolSet is SEO software built by SEOs, for SEOs. We develop and support these SEO tools in-house because our team knows first-hand what an SEO needs, and doesn't need, to do the job.

SEOToolSetTM 6 Is Here!

Hear Bruce Clay introduce our latest SEO tools, released March 2015:

These advanced search engine optimization tools offer the deepest dive into SEO data available today. Some tools on the market try to cover everything from your social metrics to your calorie intake. We concentrate on putting the right information together in tools and reports that can move the needle for your website. Want proof? Read about the full suite of SEO software tools and reporting features — or better yet, subscribe and try them out on your own website. You'll see that these tools focus on search engine optimization, giving data-hungry SEOs the in-depth reports and tools they need.

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Your Subscription Choices: Lite and Pro

With our latest release, we radically simplified the subscription choices down to two: Lite and Pro. You may be surprised to learn that subscribing to SEOToolSet Lite is free forever! For professionals like us who need the full-featured software suite, a subscription to SEOToolSet Pro is competitively priced at $89/month for two website projects with an unlimited number of users, and additional projects can be added for just $30/month per site. Read on for more about our plans and pricing and the differences between Lite and Pro.

SEOToolSet Lite — Free Tools, Saved Projects

single page analyzer

The Single Page Analyzer visualizes keywords on a page as a topographical map where the most-used words are the highest peaks, and words used in proximity on the page appear near each other on the map.
Click to enlarge image.

For many years, Bruce Clay, Inc. has been sharing free SEO tools. It's part of our company culture to ​provide resources that help people get started with search engine optimization. But this is the first time we've offered a completely free subscription to a portion of our power tool set.

Your free SEOToolSet Lite subscription lets you access some of our most popular SEO tools and even save your project work. Never before have we offered this many full-version SEO software tools completely free! This subscription level can accommodate the person who wants to walk through their website, fix a page or two at a time, analyze a competitor's page occasionally, and do some internal link analysis.

If you subscribe to the free Lite version, you ​can use:

  • 1 website project, with an unlimited number of users
  • Single Page Analyzer tool (the complete version of our most popular tool!)
  • Site spidering to 2 clicks deep
  • Link Graph to visualize internal linking structure
  • Meta Details report
  • Site Checker tool
  • Data tables that can be sorted and exported as CSV files
  • Support available by email
  • Upgrade easily to Pro anytime

try SEOToolSet Lite
Try these free SEO tools on your website — no credit card required for Lite!


SEOToolSet Pro — Full Suite of Advanced SEO Tools

single page analyzer content score

A page's Content Score is calculated based on readability and SEO best practices to help identify Panda triggers and prioritize on-page optimization.
Click to enlarge image.

If you're an SEO, you've got to try the same professional tools the analysts at Bruce Clay, Inc. use daily to serve SEO clients. Take advantage of ranking tools, historical analysis, competitor reports, backlink analysis and many more tools. Lite users can upgrade anytime to Pro.

A subscription to access this full-featured SEO software is priced competitively at $89/month for two website projects. You can authorize an unlimited number of users so your team can start analyzing right away. If you need to run additional website projects, you can add them for just $30/month each. Everything is on a pay-as-you-go basis and billed monthly, so you're never locked in.

Subscribe to SEOToolSet Pro and get all this:

  • Everything in the Lite version
  • 2 website projects, an unlimited number of users
  • Unlimited additional website projects available at a discounted rate of $30/month per domain
  • Site spidering to 5 clicks deep
  • Crawl errors report
  • Multi Page Analyzer tool
  • Keyword research and traffic tools
  • Ranking Monitor (using your Google API key)
  • Reports based on the Ranking Monitor — showing competitors, keyword trending, on-page analysis, domain ranking reports by page or by keyword
  • Presentation-quality PDF reports you can print, or export data to CSV
  • Link reports integrated with Majestic (using your Majestic subscription or an additional monthly fee)
  • Support provided via toll-free phone or email
  • Cancel anytime — why not try them for yourself?

Get the SEOToolSet
Try SEOToolSet Pro risk-free with our full-refund policy during the first month.


If you want to promote your own website, give our SEO tools a try! If you sign up and decide you don't need all that data, you can cancel within the first month and we'll give you a full refund of your subscription fee. After that, you can cancel anytime. There is no reason not to see what the SEOToolSet can do for your website!

Search engine optimization without the best tools
is like doing brain surgery with a hammer.

–Bruce Clay