Free Executive’s Guide to SEO [Video Training]

Are you a marketing professional who needs to grasp SEO concepts but not necessarily the technical or day-to-day SEO operations? Bruce Clay has developed this free video training for executives to give you a high-level understanding of search engine optimization.

In less than one hour, this free course will explain essential SEO concepts that will help you lead your digital marketing team such as:

  • How a search engine-friendly website impacts online traffic and revenue
  • What factors cause a website to rank in organic search results
  • What spam tactics must be avoided to prevent loss of revenue

This executive-level overview is excerpted from our gold-standard Bruce Clay SEO Training. Now available online, that course includes 15+ hours of video instruction plus many interactive resources. Visit for more information on our complete SEO training and membership experience.

Watch: Bruce Clay’s Executive’s Guide to SEO

CMOs and other top executives need to be SEO advocates within their organizations. Without an understanding of what it takes, the boss will not be able to make crucial decisions that support a website’s organic search success. –Bruce Clay

About Bruce Clay: Known as the “Father of SEO,” trusted SEO expert Bruce Clay has been helping and educating professionals how to drive traffic to websites organically since 1996. More than 5,000 marketers have learned effective, ethical SEO techniques in Bruce Clay’s renowned SEO trainings worldwide.

To learn more about SEO, see our SEO Guide or find out about our SEO training.

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