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SEO software tools: need to be more than an easy button and an “everyone gets the same suggestions” tool suite. They must present a deeper analysis with information that is specific to your site. Doing what everyone else does only makes you equal, not better.

You need SEO software to analyze data and extract answers, the right answers, without getting lost in unimportant detail.

Toolset user testimonialBuilt to manage our own client projects, the SEOToolSet® patented suite of search engine optimization power tools is now in its sixth generation. It’s SEO software built by SEOs, for SEOs.

Looking for free SEO tools? You can try sample versions of many of our featured tools.

Search engine optimization tools should dive deep into SEO-specific data.

Some tools on the market try to cover too much, everything from your social metrics to your calorie intake! But we concentrate on putting together tools and reports that can move the needle for a website.

Keep reading to find out about the many tools and reports in SEOToolSet. Better yet, subscribe and try them yourself on your own website. You’ll discover how well these tools focus on search engine optimization and give data-hungry SEOs like us just what they need.

Sign up risk-free with a 7-day free trial!

SEO Plugin for WordPress Is Included

If your website runs on WordPress, you can install the integrated Bruce Clay SEO WP plugin! It’s included with your SEOToolSet subscription.

This next-level SEO plugin lets you access powerful page analysis and keyword targeting functions of our SEOToolSet from right within the WordPress editor!

To learn more, watch the demo video and read about the new Bruce Clay SEO plugin.

Surprise! Your Subscription Is Affordable

Many marketing platforms require year-long commitments or high monthly fees.

Ours is different!

To share our software tools with other professional SEOs and website owners, we keep the pricing simple. There’s just one subscription level … just one low monthly fee … and no commitment.

Subscribe to the SEOToolSet for just $24.95/month per project. And your first 7 days are free! There’s no commitment; cancel anytime. And you can add an unlimited number of users.

SEOToolSet: A Full Suite of Advanced SEO Tools

single page analyzerThe Single Page Analyzer includes a keyword map to let you visualize the most-used words on a page and how they relate to each other.

From the fastest Ranking Monitor available, to reports that can be exported to a spreadsheet or printed to a full-color PDF, the SEOToolSet has some game-changing tools.

single page analyzer content scoreA page’s Content Score is calculated based on readability and SEO best practices to help confirm quality and prioritize on-page optimization.

If you’re an SEO, you’ve got to try the same professional SEO software tools the analysts at Bruce Clay, Inc. use daily to serve SEO clients. Take advantage of ranking tools, historical analysis, competitor reports, backlink analysis and many more tools.

Everything is on a pay-as-you-go basis and billed monthly, so you’re never locked in.

Subscribe to SEOToolSet and get ALL this:

  • 1 website project
  • Unlimited number of users
  • Single Page Analyzer (our most popular tool!)
  • Unlimited additional website projects (add at any time for $24.95/month each, then access with the same login)
  • Site spidering to 5 clicks deep
  • Link Graph of internal linking structure
  • Meta Details report
  • Site Checker tool
  • Crawl Errors report
  • Multi Page Analyzer tool
  • Keyword Suggestion tool for research and traffic
  • Ranking Monitor
  • Reports based on the Ranking Monitor — showing competitors, keyword trending, on-page analysis, domain ranking reports by page or by keyword
  • Data tables that can be sorted, paginated, exported
  • Reports available to export as CSV files or print as presentation-quality PDFs
  • Link reports integrated with Majestic (using your Majestic subscription or an additional monthly fee)
  • Support provided via toll-free phone or email
  • Cancel anytime
  • Bruce Clay SEO WP plugin (for WordPress sites)

To promote your own website, give our SEO tools a try! If you decide you don’t need all that data, you can cancel within the first 7 days at no charge. After your free trial period, there’s no long-term commitment. You may cancel at any time.

See what the SEOToolSet can do for your website!

Search engine optimization without the best tools
is like doing brain surgery with a hammer.

–Bruce Clay

This product is covered by U.S. Patent No. 10698961.

FAQ: What are the top SEO software and training tools for beginners?

Entering SEO may seem intimidating for novices. With all its tools, strategies, and terminologies can seem like an impossible feat, but don’t give up hope: SEO relies on some basic principles, which become easier with proper software aids and training modules.

Let’s talk about And yes, training is also a tool! This platform is a haven for budding SEO enthusiasts. They weave theory with hands-on experience, especially tailored for beginners. So, while you tackle uncertainties, you’re also gaining insights into challenges that seasoned SEO professionals face daily.

Now, about the software tools. They’re like your guiding stars in the SEO galaxy. Some notable mentions are Google Analytics,, and (AI content generation). These are beginner-friendly, balancing user-friendliness with in-depth insights. A word of advice from my journey? Tools offer invaluable data, but interpreting that data demands a human touch.

The top SEO software and training tools for beginners are dependent upon your interest and best learning method.  The digital world is always in flux. To keep up, it’s vital to refresh your training materials regularly, be on the lookout for software tweaks, and mingle with the SEO community. This ensures that you’re always in tune with the latest.

Mapping Your SEO Learning Curve:

  1. Kickstart by outlining your SEO aspirations.
  2. Explore the training platforms catering to beginners.
  3. Dive into to unearth their rich beginner-friendly courses.
  4. Delve into the Google SEO Starter Guide to grasp the essence of Google’s SEO philosophy.
  5. To understand Google’s viewpoint on SEO, especially E-E-A-T, begin with Google Analytics.
  6. Leverage tools like SEOToolSet and Yoast to finesse on-page SEO elements.
  7. Interpret the data, but remember to add your own insights without being overly dependent on tools.
  8. Periodically revisit your learning materials, ensuring they resonate with the current SEO pulse.
  9. Keep aware and study reports of software updates and new features.
  10. Engage with SEO experts through blogs, podcasts, or webinars. Twitter and LinkedIn are also solid hangouts.
  11. Participate in SEO workshops designed for beginners.
  12. Put your newfound knowledge to the test on a live project.
  13. Track your progress and seek guidance from established SEO experts.
  14. Stay updated with the latest SEO trends, including algorithm shifts.
  15. As you evolve in your SEO journey, don’t hesitate to refine your strategies based on your discoveries.

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