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Localware is a Bruce Clay, Inc. program where we, as an International firm, train and develop small SEO companies in our methodology, and pass them budgeted projects that are commonly smaller than we can handle due to our particular structure. This means that you may be referred to an SEO company that has been certified in the use of our methodology, that has access to our tools and personnel, and that can provide the modest service that you require at a fraction of our cost. BCI offers premium and broad digital marketing services with a large infrastructure including several industry leading authors and well recognized industry professionals. The demand for similar quality services but at budgets below our price point is why we have created this program.

The lead certified company today is Traffic Lava, LLC, an SEO firm that accepts invitation only clients through our site. The primary services offered includes SEO Audits, retainer-based SEO services, and a unique SEO Q&A membership service. The quality is high because by design they use our tools and methodologies, yet they are a company without the inherent cost structure of BCI.

Where we would charge $4,000, Traffic Lava offers pricing typically starting at about $200 per month for Q&A subscriptions and up to about 50% of our cost for most projects (you will always get a quoted cost for your project before committing). They only handle smaller limited budget projects and thus do not overlap the larger and more complex projects at BCI.

Traffic Lava, LLC is a virtual business, they use email as a primary communication means, and they were very specifically designed to have a low cost of operation. That allows them to perform well for clients at a lesser price without sacrificing quality, although there is an occasional trade-off with budget and service times. You just need to be willing to communicate less often and by email, and to not expect them to provide training to your staff on their work.

To support these companies we also make available some of our BCI expert staff and resources to validate and answer Traffic Lava members questions as well as to directly assist with actual work, serving to give you solid results, and to offer a quality assurance resource. Occasionally you will speak to BCI staff, often Bruce Clay.

Benefits Small Business in Many Ways

Build your brand and stop losing customers to your  competitors. Localware program services are crucial because:

  • If you’re not already online, your small business will fall behind your competition more each day.
  • The BCI methodology includes design architecture and SEO to maximize both.
  • The Localware program has BCI tools, methodologies and classroom training facilitating SEO projects to help your site perform better in search engines.

Who Uses Localware?

Localware can work for many different clients:

  • Small businesses who are putting their companies online for the first time.
  • Small businesses with under-performing websites.
  • Businesses with a limited budget but with a sincere need for SEO
  • Businesses that have the ability to change their websites, but do not know what to do.

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