Our skills are legendary.

Do a Google search for “Who is the father of SEO” and you will see Bruce Clay.

We focus on activity to drive traffic to your website. That is commonly via search marketing activities (SEO, PPC, Content and Social Media Ads). These are very much core services and where you use only experts — that is us.

Our analysts and technical consultants have 10+ years in their space and are clearly experts. We have intentionally built an expert team.

Meet some of our talent:

Aaron Landerkin
20 years

Justin Moreau
20 years

Maryann Robbins
17 years

Paula Allen
12 years

Bonnie Burns
21 years

Sarah Carling
16 years

Scott Polk
21 years

Albert Somlith
19 years

About Bruce Clay

  • 24+ Years in Search Marketing
  • Spoken at 300+ Conferences
  • Written 3 Books
  • Offices on 5 Continents

We are known as the agency to call when you cannot afford to fail in search. Our company has been in business since 1996 and become a recognized brand based upon expertise, competence, value and service. We are the company clients turn to if they really want to get traffic from search engines.

Our services can be totally customized

We discuss your needs and develop an action plan. We can move quickly … as in just a couple of days. But of course, it matters what you need and your budget.

There are 3 things we have as levers — quality, speed and price. You cannot find high quality, fast speed and low price … that is not how it works, or someone is lying to you. We NEVER sacrifice quality. It must be there, or first-page rankings are not going to happen. That means that only speed and fee determine your next steps. A lower fee takes longer, and a higher fee takes less time. If you pay less, expect results to take much longer. Higher fee means the same high-quality work, only faster!

We have a few rules:

  • White hat always
  • We clean before expanding
  • Trust of site & link network is key
  • You must implement our changes

These are rather simple, and we hope you expected no less. We do not cheat as that causes pain, and we play to win.

What We Offer

Retainers: With a retainer, we manage your SEO project in sprints of 4 weeks each, staffed with an agile team and administered by a program manager who will be your uniform point of contact. This is a high-quality SEO program that includes on-page, off-page and server analysis. It covers desktop and mobile as well as E-A-T (expertise, authoritativeness and trustworthiness) and maintenance signals. It does get into everything SEO.

Blocks: Alternatively, you can choose a block-of-time service. You buy a multiple of 20-hour blocks of expert consulting and have 6 months to use it. This is useful when you know the hard questions to ask and need expert answers. We do not drive the project — we respond to your questions. This is ideal if you have some SEO capability and just want someone for the tough issues.

Training: We offer a comprehensive SEO training program for your staff. Team understanding of a common methodology is critical to project success, especially with so many teams and skills involved.

PPC: This is a full-service pay-per-click advertising management program where you own the account and we do all of the management work. We can tailor your campaigns across a range of networks and platforms based on your business goals and budget (keeping in mind that anything you bid on that is high margin will be expensive).

Social: We can assist with social media, but we focus on social media advertising and how to get conversions. Social succeeds when there is buzz about your service … which requires shareable content and much more. Social media, without some trustworthy content behind it, is a waste. Social success is never only about social. For this reason, clients often combine Social Media Ads with our other services.

Content: We can help with your content needs, but we normally do this as a part of a larger cohesive program. If you want content, we can certainly start there, but content alone is not a solution. You need quality shareable content, and that requires content strategy and SEO, which require a keyword-theme and hierarchy strategy, which require persona development, and … you start again. Content needs to be trustworthy as well as optimized. All else is a waste.

A competently researched page takes 3 hours to write. Add SEO for the content with links, navigation and submission, and it is about 4 hours. In large quantity, there is some economy of scale. This is with a professional organization. You can find less expensive writers that will do it for less without SEO. Be careful — the cheaper you want it, the cheaper you get it. Many plagiarize other websites to keep costs down instead of writing from scratch.

Audits: To round off our SEO project services, we do very complex audits. They vary by purpose and range from simple quick reviews to deep penalty detection and repair, to comprehensive full site audits with implementation support (our most popular).

For full site audits, we have a long list of items that we research. This takes approximately 160 hours over a comprehensive 6-month detection and implementation program. We check items that are on-page, off-page, server, competitors, and mobile to produce several reports and a prioritized task list. The audit is a 10-week process as part of a 6-month project performed by one of our senior analysts (10+ years of industry experience). At 4 weeks, we give you a preliminary findings report based on immediate need items discovered from research phases. At 8 to 10 weeks, we provide the full report containing architecture and project items, which discusses what is wrong, why it matters, how to fix it, a severity and a priority. Commonly 80 to 120 pages, this is a roadmap for the following 3 months.

After delivery of the report and discussions of the findings, we work with your team for 3 months to mentor, consult, guide and validate the implementation of our findings. Tasks are often partially or improperly done, so validation by the audit crew is useful. Also, sometimes design comes back with “cannot do that on our system,” so we dig deeper and develop another solution or even a compromise. We may also identify “rabbit hole” issues that would require deeper research (because you have no idea how deep a rabbit hole is or where it leads).

How We Work

The projects are each customized for your specific needs, so we do not offer ineffective “packages.”

We perform sprints of 4 weeks each, identifying what is needed and focusing on that.

Our program manager tracks your activity backed by an agile team of seasoned analysts, programmers and writers.

Our Goal

Our SEO goal is to be top-3 rankings for important keywords and to generate traffic. We cannot sacrifice quality. We are top-shelf and thus charge the right fees for a quality white hat solution.

Let’s Talk

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