Bruce Clay SEO Plugin for WordPress Users

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Raise your SEO to the next level

Don’t just follow a checklist … optimize each page to compete.

Most SEO plugins match your content against a hard-coded list of best practices. So you see the same guidelines for every page you write.

Powered by the SEOToolSet®, the patented Bruce Clay SEO plugin analyzes the top-ranking pages in Google for each keyword you assign. So you’ll see recommendations customized per keyword — to better compete in search!

It does this competitive analysis in real time for every page you write. So you can stop guessing about content length and keyword usage.

More than one keyword per post? Absolutely!

You can target two, three, or more keyword phrases on a page. The plugin will analyze them dynamically and present on-page recommendations for each.

You won’t be limited to just one focus keyword anymore! And a cool feature lets you highlight keywords so you can easily see where they are placed throughout your body content.

Duplicate content, be gone!

How many times have you inadvertently created pages with the same title or description?

If the Bruce Clay SEO plugin detects two pages with the same meta title or description, or a page missing a meta title or description, it alerts you. So you’ll avoid duplicating content or leaving important elements blank, which can hurt your SEO.

Want to keep Yoast, too? No problem.

Yoast and Bruce Clay SEO can work together

If you’re like millions of other WordPress users, you may use Yoast with every post you write. We made our plugin fully compatible with Yoast so that you can continue using its capabilities and take advantage of additional competitive features, analytics insights, and keyword analysis that Bruce Clay SEO provides.

See beyond the page with integrated analytics from Google!

Content writers working in WordPress seldom get to see the results of their hard work.

Wouldn’t it help to know which pages attracted a crowd and which ones didn’t get much traffic at all?

With Bruce Clay SEO, content creators can see data from Google Search Console and Analytics within WordPress.

For each published page, you can view:

  • Queries bringing search traffic to the page
  • Clicks and impressions in Google Search
  • Average position in search results

And from the main dashboard, you can see:

  • Which pages bring the most search traffic site wide
  • Which authors have the best performing content
  • And more

Knowing how the site is performing helps writers make future content that’s more successful.

What’s the Cost?

This plugin is designed to solve problems for WordPress users. It fills gaps that other SEO plugins are missing (see our list in Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3).

To make Bruce Clay SEO WP a powerful and AFFORDABLE solution for WordPress SEO, the price is $24.95/month per domain.

You can have unlimited users, and the first 7 days are free!

Try the new Bruce Clay SEO plugin on your site risk-free with your 7-day free trial!

How to Install

Click this button to download the plugin and choose Save file:

Download Plugin

Great! Now you’ve saved the plugin as a zip file …

Here’s how to install it in your WordPress site:

  1. Open your WordPress site and choose Plugins > Add New.
  2. Click Upload Plugin and browse to choose the zip file (probably in Downloads).
  3. Click to Install Now. Proceed to Activate Plugin.

Once the plugin is installed, you’re halfway there …

Next, go to Bruce Clay SEO > Settings in your WordPress site. This is where you authorize the SEOToolSet and Google integrations that power Bruce Clay SEO’s main features.

It’s easy to complete the settings and start your 7-day free trial!

See the Bruce Clay SEO installation help for more details.

This product is covered by U.S. Patent No. 10698961.

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