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June 8, 2005

Google: Most successful media company?

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According to John Battelle, Google is now the most successful media company, valued at $80 billion dollars and surpassing Time Warner stock.

Nathan Weinberg, of Inside Google, asks whether Google should be considered a media company. Some would consider it a technology company. We mentioned this in our April newsletter, citing Search Engine Journal which states that Google is a media company as it describes itself as such:

We began as a technology company and have evolved into a software, technology, Internet, advertising and media company all rolled into one.

Whether or not Google is a media company can be debated, what cannot be argued is that they are certainly doing well financially. Shares closed this Monday at $290.94 as compared with Time Warner’s which closed at $17.02.

According to BBC News, some people think Google’s shares are overpriced while others herald them as a sign of the future and predict that the stock could rise to $325-$350 per share.

Whatever the future may hold, Google is sitting pretty currently.

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