LocalWare: SEO for Local Businesses

LocalWare is a Bruce Clay, Inc. program focused on local (single or multiple location) businesses, either company-owned stores or franchised locations – national, regional or city.

All programs are a set of services where the company can select its own level of service and fees by location.

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All pricing and services described are Monthly with a 1-year commitment, billed quarterly. Multiple location discounts are available.
$ indicates an additional fee may be charged

LocalWare Service $1795 $2795 $3795 $4795 $5795
Expert Project Setup & Onboarding
Keyword & Competitor Research
Ongoing SEO Maintenance
Quarterly SEO Webinars & Q&A
Monthly Reporting
Included SEOTraining.com Memberships 1 1 2 3 4
Ask Us Anything Support Hours 1 2 2 2 3
Professional SEO Content Creation Pages (~600 words) Per Quarter 1 2 3 6 8
Advanced Crawler Technical Audit
Included SEO Team Calls $ 1 1 2 2
Digital PR Hours 1 1 2 2
Content Rewrites 1 2 3 4
Google Business Profile Review & Repair
Crawl Error Repair & Sitemaps Management
Social Profile Monitoring & Management
Structured Data Review & Repair
Advanced On-Page Optimization
Internal Linking Review and Repair
Page Performance and Speed Optimization

Multiple location discounts are available. 2nd sites within the same platform and related to the same products and services are discounted 10% to 50% based upon quantity and site complexity. Inquire for details.

Expert Project Setup & Onboarding

The initial phase in any successful project is discovery and understanding. Instead of diving straight into technicalities, our onboarding process ensures a comprehensive understanding of the business landscape, its targets, and challenges. A business is not just about numbers or metrics; it’s about people, stories, and visions. By understanding these intricate details, LocalWare crafts strategies that resonate deeply with business values, ensuring a seamless blend between a brand’s identity and its SEO strategy. This commitment to understanding is what sets LocalWare apart, ensuring that every subsequent step is in line with the brand’s voice and aspirations.

Google Analytics 4 Verification

The digital landscape is vast, and without the right tools, one could easily get lost. Google Analytics 4 provides essential insights into user behavior, traffic sources, and content performance. But setting it up correctly is a task in itself. Without proper installation and validation, businesses can miss out on critical data or, worse, make decisions based on incorrect metrics. We ensure that this crucial tool is not just correctly set up, but also tailored to capture the metrics that matter most to the business, turning raw data into actionable strategies. Changes, as needed, are accomplished with client staff. This for verification – setup is extra.

Google Search Console Mastery

Every click, every search query, every interaction a user has with a website is a goldmine of data. Our expertise ensures that businesses don’t just see data but derive meaningful insights from it. By optimizing Search Console’s configuration, we empower businesses to tap into user behavior, adapt their strategies, and consistently meet their audience’s evolving needs.

Google Business Profile Services

First impressions are lasting. In the digital realm, the Google Business Profile (GBP) often serves as this crucial first touchpoint. A well-crafted GBP not only drives traffic but builds immediate trust and credibility. An incomplete or incorrect profile can deter potential customers. We understand this and provide comprehensive GBP creation and verification services, ensuring that businesses present a compelling, accurate, and trustworthy image from the very first click.

Website Audit

The digital realm is vast, and a website’s health is paramount to its performance. It’s like giving your website a comprehensive health check-up. But instead of stethoscopes and blood tests, we employ cutting-edge tools to dissect a site. From on-page elements to backend configurations, we identify areas of strength and potential pitfalls. This investigation not only provides a clear picture of the website’s current health but lays down a roadmap for optimization, ensuring the site is primed for peak performance.

Keyword & Competitor Research

In the digital marketplace, understanding one’s competitors is as vital as understanding oneself. Keyword analysis isn’t just about finding popular words; it’s about uncovering user intent, market trends, and potential growth areas. We dive deep into the market’s intricacies, uncovering keywords that resonate with user intent, giving businesses a competitive edge. This dual analysis provides businesses with a clear strategy to not just drive traffic but engage, convert, and retain customers effectively.

Ongoing SEO Maintenance

The digital landscape is in a state of constant flux. Algorithms change, user behaviors evolve, and market trends shift. A one-time SEO effort, no matter how comprehensive, will inevitably become obsolete. Our ongoing maintenance ensures that a website is not just optimized but continues to stay relevant, adapting to the ever-changing digital milieu. Google averages 12 changes each day, and thus SEO is never a once-and-done. By continually tweaking, adjusting, and optimizing, LocalWare provides businesses a prominent spot in search results, driving consistent traffic and growth.

Quarterly SEO Webinars

Knowledge is power, but in the digital realm, it’s also a survival tool. With algorithms changing and new trends emerging, staying updated is crucial. Quarterly (or more often) webinars provide businesses with the latest insights, best practices, and strategies. These aren’t just generic presentations; they’re tailored insights, ensuring businesses stay ahead of the curve, adapting, and thriving in the dynamic digital world.

Detailed Monthly Reports

In the world of SEO, data drives decisions. But raw data, without context or interpretation, can be overwhelming. We transform this raw data into comprehensive monthly reports, providing businesses with a clear picture of their performance. These reports aren’t just about numbers; they’re stories, narratives that provide insights, highlight successes, and identify growth areas. With these insights, businesses can refine their strategies, ensuring continued growth and success.

Annual Membership to SEOtraining.com

The world of SEO is vast, and while experts like us are indispensable, empowering oneself with knowledge is invaluable. The annual membership to SEOtraining.com provides businesses with a plethora of resources, courses, and insights. This isn’t just about learning; it’s about empowering businesses to take control of their digital journey, ensuring they’re not just passengers but active drivers of their online success.

Email Support

The digital realm can be complex, with challenges emerging unpredictably. But with our dedicated email support, businesses are never alone. Whether it’s a minor query or a significant challenge, our team of experts provides timely, effective solutions. This isn’t just support; it’s a partnership, ensuring that businesses have a reliable ally at every step of their digital journey.

Professional Content Creation

Content isn’t just about words; it’s about stories, narratives that resonate with users. We understand the power of compelling content. With a team of skilled content creators, we craft content that’s not just SEO-optimized but deeply engaging, driving traffic, fostering engagement, and boosting conversions. From informative blog posts to compelling service descriptions, every piece of content is a perfect blend of strategy and storytelling. And, yes, we use advanced research tools such as our own PreWriter.ai to help provide the quality you need. Pages per quarter numbers shown in table.

Advanced Page Crawler Tools

A website, no matter how beautifully designed, can have underlying issues that hamper performance. Our advanced crawler tools are like digital detectives, identifying potential issues before they escalate into significant challenges. Whether it’s broken links, slow-loading pages, or content gaps, these tools ensure that every aspect of a website is in optimal condition, guaranteeing peak performance.

Regular Virtual Updates

The world of SEO is dynamic, with strategies evolving, metrics changing, and goals being achieved. Businesses need consistent updates, ensuring they’re always in the loop. Our virtual calls are more than just updates; they’re collaborative sessions, discussing successes, strategizing for challenges, and charting the path forward. They foster transparency, trust, and collaboration, ensuring businesses are always in sync with their SEO strategies.

Digital PR Services

In the crowded digital space, visibility is paramount. But more than visibility, credibility plays a pivotal role in driving engagement. Our digital PR services go beyond mere link building. We craft compelling narratives posted onto your site and encourage authoritative backlinks, ensuring businesses don’t just get seen but are perceived as credible, trustworthy entities in the digital realm. Although Google says links are now not in the top-3 ranking factors, we know authoritative local links from leading sites help. We are always white-hat and only play by the rules.

Fresh Content Updates

The online audience craves fresh, relevant content. Stale, outdated content can deter potential customers and hamper SEO rankings. We understand the importance of freshness, ensuring that web pages are reasonably updated with relevant, engaging content. This commitment to freshness keeps audiences engaged, drives traffic, and ensures a prominent position in search rankings. Note that freshness can vary based upon topics from 4 years to 1 hour. This is not just new content, but rather taking existing content and giving it new life.

Google Business Profile Management

A business’s online reputation is its digital currency. Reviews, ratings, and customer feedback play a crucial role in shaping perceptions. With our GBP management, businesses can ensure a stellar online reputation. We manage reviews, promptly address feedback, and ensure that the Google Business Profile always projects a positive, credible image.

Backend Optimization

While front-end elements like design and content play a crucial role in user engagement, the website’s backend is its backbone. Slow-loading pages, broken scripts, or server errors can hamper user experience. We delve deep into the site’s backend, ensuring smooth functionality, optimal loading speeds, and a seamless user experience, laying the foundation for robust SEO performance.

Social Profile Management

Consistency in branding across social profiles ensures a consistent, engaging presence across all platforms, from Twitter to Instagram, strengthening brand identity and driving engagement.

Structured Data Implementation

Structured data is like a translator between a website and search engines. It ensures content is easily understood and indexed by search engines. We implement structured data meticulously, ensuring that content isn’t just visible but also stands out in search results, driving clicks and engagement.

Advanced On-Site Optimization

Every webpage is a potential landing page. We ensure that each page, from the homepage to a deep-linked blog, is deeply optimized for SEO. This involves tweaking meta tags, optimizing images, crafting engaging meta descriptions, to optimizing images and lazy-loading code… and much more. This meticulous attention to detail ensures that each page ranks high, driving traffic and conversions.

Internal Link Building Strategy

Internal links are like pathways guiding users through a website. They enhance navigation, spread page authority, and reduce bounce rates. We craft strategic internal linking plans, ensuring that users find relevant content effortlessly, enhancing user experience, and boosting SEO performance.

Technical Improvements for Speed

In the digital realm, patience is limited. Slow-loading pages can deter potential customers, impacting bounce rates and conversions. We understand the importance of speed, implementing technical enhancements to ensure lightning-fast loading times. This not only enhances user satisfaction but also positively impacts SEO rankings.


And while there are cheap services on the market, we believe it best to provide expert services at a reasonable rate. We earn your business through the right work. We earn your business by treating it as our own.

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