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Localware: Sleek and Powerful Web Design and Marketing for Small and Local Businesses

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Localware is a Bruce Clay, Inc. developed network program where we, as an International firm, train and develop small SEO and design companies in our methodology, and pass them projects that are smaller than we can handle due to our particular structure.This means that you will be interviewed and referred to a company appropriate to your project that has been certified in the use of our methodology, and that can provide the service that you require at a fraction of our cost.

Where we would charge $4,000, it is common for these certified companies to follow our guidelines typically at under 40% of our cost (you will always get a quoted cost for your project before committing). These companies are often virtual, they use email as a primary communication means, and they were built to have a low cost of operation. That allows them to perform well for clients at a lesser price without sacrificing quality. You just need to be content to communicate less often and by email, and to not expect them to provide training to your staff on their work.

To support these companies we also make available some of our resources to validate and answer their questions as well as assist with actual work, serving to give you solid results, and to offer us a quality assurance of the network.

The Localware network offers everything from SEO-ready Web design and development to complete Internet marketing. Services include website design, content writing, search engine optimization, pay per click, social media and more. The network is obligated to utilize our software in the performance of their tasks (hence the "ware" in Localware), further giving you assurance of our methodologies. The Localware network offers an all-inclusive web solution for smaller businesses needing an economical and competitive web presence. Our network offers:

  • A full-service team dedicated to your search optimization and satisfaction. 
  • Customized keyword research.
  • Quality Web content development.
  • Optimization of other online avenues such as Google+ Local, Facebook, Foursquare, LinkedIn, Yelp and more.
  • Optionally a full web development program following our Siloing technology and methods. It will really help to be "mobile friendly".

Benefits Small Business in Many Ways

Build your brand and stop losing customers to your  competitors. Localware network services are crucial because:
  • If you’re not already online, your small business will fall behind your competition more each day.
  • The BCI methodology includes design architecture and SEO to maximize both.
  • The Localware network is selected to have extreme content and SEO capabilities to help your site perform better in search engines.
  • If you already have a site but it’s not optimized for mobile search, you’re missing out on a bigger share of your customers. Responsive design will be needed.
  • Once you’re optimized for mobile search, you can begin to increase your customer loyalty and engagement through strategic online tactics.

The Localware Business Package includes:

  • Initial Client Needs & Site Review
  • Keyword Research 
  • Competition Review (3 competitors that you select) to Identify Top Local Keywords and Opportunities
  • Optionally Building a Hosted SEO- and Mobile-ready Website
  • Site Content Creation
  • Recurring On-Page SEO of Top Pages
  • Monthly SEO Ranking Reports
  • Google Analytics Setup  with Monthly Summary Reports
  • Social Media: Facebook and Linkedin Social Profile Setup
  • Google+ and Google+ Local (aka. Places) Page Setup Supporting Local Results
  • Call Tracking setup and tracking
  • Optional PPC Ad Management Setup for the SEO keyword phrases
  • 404 Error Page Setup
  • Competitive Link Analysis Report
  • E-mail Communication and Scheduled Consulting Call for Your Team Lead with Localware team
  • HTML and XML Sitemap Creation and Submission

Getting Your Site Optimized for Search is Easier with Localware

  1. You tell us about your local business and its goals; we’ll create a blueprint for your Web strategy that targets traffic to your site and to your place of business.
  2. We initiate an entirely optional web design and development project that captures and upholds your brand. If needed, your site is (re)built in an SEO-friendly content management system, creating a strong foundation for search engine optimization coupled with ease of use and mobile friendly design. If you already have a site we see if it is ready for SEO and if not we help repair it.
  3. You receive ongoing, full-service SEO, content development and social media support with cutting-edge tactics, tools and platforms from a powerful team dedicated to your success. We focus on your marketing strategy so you can focus on your business.

Who Uses Localware?

Localware can work for many different clients:
  • Small businesses who are putting their companies online for the first time.
  • Small businesses with under-performing websites.
  • National brands with regional locations that need a local, optimized presence online.
  • Domainers who want to build out parked domains.