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June 1, 2005


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So, according to Google Blogoscoped, there is a google imposter, called Schmoogle. Apparently, the idea behind schmoogle is that “all search engines are created equal,” which basically means that search engine optimization is meaningless because there exists no keyword ranking in the schmoogle world.

The creator of Schmoogle, Tsila Hassine, had this to say about it:

This tool touches upon several crucial issues on the web such as search engine optimization. Schmoogle instantly neutralizes page rank and the whole SEO industry induced by it.

Worried yet? Well according to those users who commentented on this blog, you need not worry at all. Schmoogle anything and you will come up with an error message. This same thing happened to me when I attempted to do it.

While Schmoogle is certainly no threat to Google, it serves as a reminder that there is a world wide web out there of search results, even if they don’t make the top ten ranked spots.

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