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November 5, 2004

Search Engine Hacking for SEOs

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Gary Price at SEW mentioned a CNETAsia article about protecting yourself from Google hacks. It’s a great reminder of how important it is to properly use your robots.txt file and metatags. However, visiting the Google Hacking Database (GHD) provides inspiration in that it reveals how much information you can really find with Google’s advanced search operators. In the spirit of the GHD, here are my favorite search engine strings for finding important SEO information:

  • In Google, +inanchor:keyword to see which pages within your site are receiving the proper keyworded anchor text.
  • In Yahoo, +inurl:keyword finds how many sites link to you with your keyword in their URL.
  • In Gigablast, +ip:123.12.123 shows you how many links your site is receiving from within the same IP range.
  • Plus, to find additional words or permutations to use to support your rankings for a keyword, ~keyword in Google presents what Google sees as synonyms and stem:keyword in Yahoo presents permutations of the word in Yahoo.
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