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July 16, 2007

$500 Reward From Flying Couch. We’re Serious

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Hi guys, happy Monday. I need a favor.

If the 2,417 Diggs are any indication, it’s possible you’ve already heard of our friend Kent Couch (actually he’s a friend of a friend, but we’re all connected in the circle of life, right?) who fulfilled a childhood dream recently when he rode 105 helium balloons 193 miles from his store in Bend, Oregon while seated in nothing but a lawn chair. You see, while the rest of us may have held a handful of helium balloons in our hands as a small child, looked up, and thought "what if", it seems Kent was actually considerably more serious about this than the rest of us. He decided to make his vision of riding among the clouds a reality.

No, but seriously, he did. He even had the incredible foresight to bring snacks!

You can read all about Kent’s amazing lawn chair/helium balloon adventure on his Web site, but the short story is that he soared for an impressive 9+ hours and traveled almost 200 miles before being forced to start popping balloons and return to Earth. Sadly, as Kent’s lawn chair approached landing, he was not able to hold on to it and the wind sent his beloved chair and the video recorder that captured the amazing experience off into the Oregon skyline.

Kent is now asking for your help in retrieving his chair, the video camera, and most importantly, the tape that captured him completing his life dream. He’s offering a $500 reward for information leading to its recovery.

It’s Monday and it probably sounds silly that we’re even asking you to help spread the word regarding this, but at Bruce Clay, we’re suckers for a happy ending (and balloons). If you have any information about where the Oregon wind may have placed Kent’s lawn chair and video camera, please contact Kent. He deserves to have that tape back, if only because if he doesn’t get it back we’ll afraid he’ll try and do it again. ;)

Kent will be featured on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno on Tuesday. Please help us spread the word and help Kent to locate his beloved items. We can only imagine the amazing footage collected on that tape.

Thank you.

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One response to “$500 Reward From Flying Couch. We’re Serious”

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