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April 22, 2010

SMX Sydney | Diagnosing Technical SEO Issues | SEOmoz

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Danny’s checklist for diagnosing technical issues

  • Prepare your browser- make sure your browser ‘see’s things like a S.E bot
  • Disable Cookies
  • Change user agent to Googlebot
  • Read the title tag and figure out how it could be improved
  • See if the URL changed i.e. see if any redirects are being used
  • Check if the URL is canonical
  • Assess the global navigation
  • Disable Javascript and reload the page
  • Make sure the navigation works and all the links are HTML, this is how all readable links should be
  • Assess the category and subcategory pages
  • Make sure that pages have enough content of these pages to be useful
  • Find and note any ancillary links that you might be able to take off the page
  • Take notes on how you can improve the anchor text within links, need to get that right as it tells S.E’s what the destination page is about
  • Check and note the format of title tags, very NB for humans and bots
  • Check meta descriptions, Google does not use these for ranking but they can have a massive impact on click through rates
  • Check and note the format of the URL, try make sure all are either lower case or upper case
  • Check if the content is indexable check the text only version of the page in the cached version of Google
  • Read the content as if you were the one searching for it
  • Analyse the link profile
  • View the anchor text distribution of inbound links
  • How are the S.E’s indexing and treating the domains, search for the domain in Google, how many pages are indexed
  • Choose a random content page and search the engines for dupe content

Thought it was a solid presentation, Danny could have got into some more advanced issues but for the newbies, I am sure they got a lot out of it.

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