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April 17, 2006

Thanks, Danny!

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Congratulations to Danny Sullivan who celebrates 10 years of writing about search engines today! Danny treats us all to recap of the past 10 years on the SEW blog, highlighting some of the articles he’s written over the past decade.

Some of our favorites include a study he authored on search engines 10 years ago, an article in 1997 that stated search engines were dying and only generated a small percentage of traffic, an article from ’98 that introduced users to a butler named Jeeves (!) and his unique question-answering ability, the advent of advertising on Google, a not-so-scary Google bomb and lots of acquisitions, lawsuits, and relevancy and Meta tag issues along way. Hmm, doesn’t sound too far off from today, does it?

If you’re not familiar with Danny, his post today provides you with an invaluable opportunity to find all of insight in one place.

Congratulations, Danny. Thanks for keeping us up-to-date for the last decade.

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