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May 3, 2006

Ask: Ask is a pimped out search engine

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Yes, yes it is. Ask announced they will begin airing a second TV ad campaign to follow up their widely successful ‘Use Tools. Feel Human‘ campaign that began airing in March.

The new :30 and :60 spots will follow Ask’s Executive Vice President of Search Technology Apostolos Gerasoulis (known simply as AG to the Ask crew) as he researches pop culture references and then attempts to explain what he has learned.

According to MarketingVox:

“In one spot, Gerasoulis shows that a search for “pimped out cars” can lead to useful information about custom rims and also find sites that use related terms such as “tight” or “phat.” “Search engines understand text. understands concepts,” he says in a Greek accent. “Pimped out cars are related; tight cars are related. is a ‘pimped out search engine’; it is very tight.”

News like this makes me wish I had a working VCR.

The new campaign will replace the ads currently running, which Ask execs say delivered ‘tremendous’ results and heavily contributed to April’s 30 percent increase in daily queries.

Ask has been spending quite a bit in marketing this year, as they try to woo users after losing Jeeves and revamping the Ask site. I personally cannot wait to see the new ads. While I may miss the crazy monkey antics, I am highly anticipating hearing the words ‘tight’ and ‘phat’ slathered in a luscious Greek accent. It’s sure to be beautiful. Or ‘tight’, rather. It’s a good thing Jeeves is not here. He never would have approved of such language.

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