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February 3, 2006

Expectations and Understanding

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A popular topic in the SEO world and a frequently asked question by clients is ‘how do I get the most out of my search engine optimization company?’ There have been long discussions on the forums, the question pops up in FAQs and not infrequently, someone answers it in an article. Most of the time the advice given is focused on defining what it means to be a good client and what in turn you should expect from a good SEO.

Articles like How To Be An Ideal SEO Client by Todd Mintz scratch the surface of the question. We addressed it ourselves in a two part series in our newsletter. Being the Good Client and Being the Good Service Provider were a dual-sided look at both the responsibilities and needs of each party.

Whether you’re an SEO or a business owner seeking out-sourced optimization, it is important to understand and embrace your role. To do otherwise is simply to waste time and money and makes everyone lose out in the end.

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