Five Things You Didn’t Know About Lisa Barone

As I mentioned in the Friday Recap, Graywolf tagged me to share five interesting facts about myself. Though chain letters give me a headache, I do think this is a fun way to learn a little more about everyone and optimize your Bruce Clay blog experience. I wouldn’t want you to feel like you’re stuck in some sort of dark alley when you visit. ;)

I’m not sure that there are five interesting things about me, but I’ll do what I can.

  1. I never would have started writing had I not torn the ACL in my right knee during my senior year of high school and lost a full athletic scholarship to the University of Connecticut.
  2. I grew up on Long Island, NY, went to college in Boston (Emerson College) and moved to California when I was 22 to follow a boy that I had met and fallen in love with online at the age of 14. He just recently called off our engagement. Any one got an apartment to rent? :)
  3. I don’t enjoy Rand because he is physically attractive (though he is, I’m not blind), I enjoy his presence because there’s something very endearing about a passionate dork who plays with transformers.
  4. In college I was forced to officially declare myself "disabled’ in order to pass a sophomore public speaking class.
  5. When I think of my little brother, my eyes well up. He goes to college in Pennsylvania and I only get to see him during Christmas. He’s my heart.
  6. Fun Bonus Fact: I have two kitties, Swat and Jack Jack, and every day I ask Susan to let me sneak a picture of them on the blog and every day she tells me no. Maybe if you drop her an email she could be persuaded…

Tagging: Kim Krause, David Temple, Karl Ribas, Matt McGee and Li Evans.

Note: I wanted to pick Susan, but she told me not to. [That’s because I’m incredibly boring. Also shy.–Susan] — You can’t be shy online. It’s like a rule.

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