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April 12, 2005

Google Local Also Mobile

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Google added more functionality to their local search. The new service, available at, is similar to the existing local search with the same what and where search boxes and a link to get driving directions. The results present you with a small Google Maps-like display complete with push pins and the top 10 results in your area. Phone numbers are linked and if your phone supports the feature, will dial the business for you. Search Engine Watch has a more in-depth look at the features.

What’s really interesting is how it highlights the importance of optimizing for local business. As the web grows ever larger, relevancy becomes more and more important. With so many people living today with mobile phone in hand, a business that does not maximize its web presence is asking to be ignored. Consumers rely on their phones to bring them the most up to date information and given the ease of use of the new local search, it is sure to gain followers.

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