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April 22, 2008

Keynote – Social Search: The Human Challengers

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7 responses to “Keynote – Social Search: The Human Challengers”

  1. Gabriella Sannino writes:

    SEO dying? I don’t think so. Hey Lisa thanks for being there and giving me hope. Too bad you got sick there at the end, makes me wonder if it was the speech or all the thinking. :)

  2. billse writes:

    I “get” Jason’s statement. I really do. Although it’s tuned up and sensationalized, SEO does have many definitions depending on your platform. He’s not seeing or (intentionally?) conveying the big picture. That’s my problem with the statement.

  3. Matt McGowan writes:

    Fantastic post Lisa! Seems that JC delivered a fantastic preso, all things considered… to bad he has reverted to his previous view on SEO.

    Is it possible you have taken his comment out of context? Either way, thanks for the updates.

  4. Joshua Steimle writes:

    What makes Jason think us SEOs don’t define a large part of SEO as “creating great content”? Or does he think we’re still editing meta keyword tags?

  5. Feydakin writes:

    Numbers always seem to trip people up, and Jason is apparently no exception.. I’m not sure how this is supposed to work –

    $10 mil / year to run with thousands of “full time” employees.. Even at 2,000 (qualifies as “thousands”) full time employees that leaves them earning just $5k/year for “full time” work.. Must be planning to outsource all that labor somewhere where $2.50/hr (or less) is good pay..

    Either that or they plan to burn a lot more than $10mil / year and just don’t want to scare away the money guys..

  6. Blog For Money writes:

    SEO a wasted industry! Yup, you’re right why are we even bothering. Humans can totally scour the whole internet and find all the topics on everything. Totally! I’m with you. /sarcasm

  7. Igor The Troll writes:

    Lisa, this makes me wonder who is the best of Three Evils..:)

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