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July 19, 2005

Microsoft Sues Former Exec and His New Employer–Google

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Google is opening a new division in China and hired Kai-Fu Lee, who as of Monday is the former corporate vice president of Microsoft’s Interactive Services Division, to run it. Predictably this did not make Microsoft very happy and with practiced ease, the MS lawyers have filed suits again both Lee and Google.

ZDNet carries the story:

In the suit, Microsoft seeks monetary damages as well as an injunction upholding the noncompete clause and other provisions of Lee’s contract, including terms barring him from sharing Microsoft trade secrets.

As the article notes, there has been a steady stream of Microsofties leaving for Google since the search companies rise to prominence. Additionally, both Bill Gates and Steve Ballmer have announced that they intend to beat Google at their own game. So maybe we should be looking at this less as a suit over trade secrets and more as a shot across the bow.

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