New Yahoo Releases: Local, Personal and RSS – Will 301 Fix Be Next?

Yahoo went release–happy in the past week or so, rolling out:

  • an updated beta version on My Yahoo! emphasizing getting personalized content through RSS and Atom feeds and letting the user manipulate the content placement and look of their My Yahoo! page. In honor of their My Yahoo! update, we have added an add to My Yahoo! button to the sidebar of the SEOToolSet blog. Simply click on the button to read our headlines on your My Yahoo! page.
  • the official launch of Yahoo Local Search, which seems very similar to Google Local, but more accurate (which is a little forgivable since Google’s Local is still in beta). Hint from some friends up north: Based on Google Local’s advice, you might want to avoid the dentists up in Palo Alto (or just go to Yahoo Local for a more balanced view).
  • a beta version of Yahoo’s personalized search. Like MyJeeves and A9, this encourages users to create and search a personal index of websites. However, the new thing that Yahoo brings to the table is making it possible for users to block certain websites from appearing in their search results. Seems great, but it could bring about problems for people purchasing a domain name that was abused by its previous owner. The big question is: how will Yahoo be using the information derived from its personal search?

Hopefully, now that all of these development–heavy projects have been rolled out, Yahoo can fix its main web search’s problem with following 301 redirects. At SES in San Jose, Tim Meyer from Yahoo finally admitted that Yahoo had a problem and said that they were working on fixing it. The consensus over here is that it looks like a server header check issue that shouldn’t be too difficult to fix. Hopefully, the problem will be fixed sooner rather than later. The natives are getting restless and starting to come up with some "creative" workarounds.

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