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Panama is Live

Yes, the rumors are true, Panama is complete. According to Barry Schwartz, invites to start using the system will begin going out next week.

Barry was one of at least six invited to Yahoo! to test the system out the new system before its public release. He gives readers some insight into what they can expect with bullet points and screenshots over at SEW.

(If you want the schwag report, you’ll have to go to Cartoon Barry. More awesome messenger bags for Barry. Life is so unfair.)

Sexy Writers

One of my favorite things about Kim Krause (despite her obvious awesomeness) is her ability to time and time again equate blogging with being sexy. It’s an argument few would be able to make, or at least make with a straight face.

In the spirit of Kim’s post, I thought perhaps I’d share some of my favorite sexy writers. Of course there’s Kim herself, Rand (fine, it’s not just his writing that’s sexy), Rebecca, Seth, Kathy, Barry and Jeremy, just to name a few. There are lots of sexy writers out there, people that go above and beyond just telling you what you need to know. And we thank them for that.

[And Kim, trust me, you don’t want to meet me. I’m far more entertaining on the blog than I am in person. Ask Susan, she’ll tell you.] [Lisa will be at ad:tech in New York and at SES in Chicago. She’ll be covering the sessions for us so keep an eye out. –Susan] — Did I get voted out of the office again?

MSN’s LinkFromDomain

This new command got Susan all hot and bothered yesterday (don’t deny it, Susan) and I have to admit it is pretty cool. Just as the name suggests, MSN’s LinkFromDomain lets you see all the links pointing from a particular domain.

I’m immediately drawn to it because it caters to my stalker tendencies. Just type in your competitor’s URL and you get an instant look at who they’re linking to. Use it in tandem with the LinkDomain and you have a fun tool for locating reciprocal links. What more could a stalker-in-training need?

Actually I’ll tell you. The only flaw with this command is that it doesn’t tell you what page from Site A links to what page on Site B. This would be very helpful information, especially when I learn we’ve apparently been linking to Cute Overload. Friday Recap, perhaps?

Reminder: If you’re really into linking data, Yahoo! Site’s Explorer is an excellent resource.

I, er, blog

Nick Carr (you can add him to my Sexy Writers list) wrote another stellar post depicting the look of horror and pity people often receive when tell people they blog (blog, blog, blog, blog)for a living. I’ve been there, it’s nasty and Nick does a great job illustrating how the conversation typically goes:

“”So,” they ask, “what do you do?”

A tremor of shame flows through you. You try to say “I am a blogger,” but you can’t. It lodges in your throat and won’t budge. Panicked, you take refuge in circumlocution: “Well, I kind of, like, write, um, little commentaries that I, like, publish on the Internet.”

I’m sweating just thinking about the last time I got into that conversation. The worst part isn’t the trying to explain it; it’s the blank stare you get after you’ve finished, like they’re waiting for the punchline. [I always go for the generic ‘I’m a writer.’ You can actually see them mentally substitute ‘waitress’. It’s fun! –Susan] — Unless they ask you what you write.

Fun Finds

Shimon Sandler explains how to use search in reputation management. Any plan of attack that involves googlebowling your competition is always a fun read.

Fifteen Ways to Improve Your Keywords

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