Search Headlines 10/20/2006

Google Nearly Doubles Quarterly Profit

Google had a much better time announcing their third quarter results yesterday than Yahoo! did on Tuesday. On Thursday, Google revealed that quarterly profits had skyrocketed 92 percent, gross revenue had jumped 70 percent to $2.69 billion, and that their company net income had reached $733.4 million. The numbers were extraordinary and broke earlier industry projections.

(Your mouth is open.)

Eric Schmidt called Google’s amazing growth a “testament to the strength of our network”. I’d say. It’s amazing to see Google continue to experience such dominant growth while other engines complain about industries lows and more competition in advertising. Does Google even feel the other engines? You’d be inclined to think not.

Good for you, guys.

(Still open.)

Microsoft Bows to the Belgians

In a very unGoogle move, Microsoft has conceded to Belgian publishers and agreed to remove all links to articles in Belgian newspapers in order to avoid a potential copyright lawsuit. Copiepresse issued Microsoft with a cease and desist order last Friday, arguing that by posting article text on and in its Newsbot news engine, MSN was violating publishers’ copyright.

I’m really at a loss for words here, but are these people crazy?

Seriously, why are they fighting so hard to get themselves removed from popular, traffic-bringing search engines? If they don’t want their content on the Web, why have a Web presence at all? If Google and Microsoft are content-stealing heathens, stick to the dead tree format and abolish your website completely. What are they trying to “win” here? [Money? Just a hunch.–Susan] — By cutting out advertisers and traffic? They’re super smart!

More Google/ YouTube drama

It looks like YouTube’s simultaneous music label deals weren’t just a coincidence after all. The New York Times reports that each label signed with YouTube knowing they would receive an equity stake worth up to $50 million dollars once the Google acquisition took place. I guess Google paid more for YouTube than we originally thought.

To make matters even more unsettling, it seems the record labels are now trying to shut down all YouTube competitors. Universal has already filed suits against YouTube competitors Bolt and Grouper. Sketchy, I say.

(via Nathan)

The Battle for Toolbar Space

Now that IE7 has officially launched, the battle for toolbar prominence is on. Yahoo! is sending users emails ‘recommending they update their browser’ to the optimized-for-Yahoo IE7, smartly shows users how to keep Ask as their “steady,” Google just assumes you’ll stay faithful and Microsoft is hoping you remember that is MSN Search.

If you’re IE loyal, will you stay faithful for your toolbar and default search engine? Or will you seize your chance to switch teams? Do tell.

Fun Finds

I will never stop humming this. ‘Aint Internet relationships grand?

Will you take the Blog Honor Pledge and promise to never sell out? Oh brother, this is the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever read. If composing a “fake” blog post doesn’t ruffle your ethical feathers, neither will breaking this pledge you signed by outfitting your blog with a button.

ResourceShelf points to a Q&A style interview between Ask CEO Jim Lanzone and U.S. News and World Report writer, Justin Ewers. Here’s a taste:

That’s the problem with competing against Google. Larry Page and Sergey Brin just bought a 767 for their personal use. What do you fly?

I fly United. [Laughs.]

Heh, classic.

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