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European Mobile Firm Launches Flat Rate System

Bigmouthmedia reports that European mobile network operator 3 has partnered up with Google, Microsoft, Yahoo and Skype/ eBay in a far-reaching new mobile deal that will allow 3’s customers to make free internet phone calls, watch television, and access their computers all for a fixed rate.

For me, that flat fee is what sets this deal apart and gives mobile the launch pad it needs. Utilizing a fixed fee and getting rid of all those confusing usage and per byte charges makes the mobile Web far more attractive to users. Would you rather pay $5 a month to check your email and watch TV on the mobile Web or would you prefer to sit there and calculate usage charges? I think most users would find the first option better for their wallets and peace of mind.

October’s Search Numbers Are In

The monthly search numbers are in, but as usually, the results vary depending on which report you read. comScore reports that Google led the engines in searches for October (I know, you’re shocked) with 3.1 billion or 45.4 percent of the market share. They have Yahoo! coming in second with 1.9 billion searches or 23.9 percent market share, MSN in third with 11. 7 percent, and Ask fourth with 5.8 percent.

Nielsen/NetRatings agrees that Google is top dog (with 49.6 percent of searches) and that Yahoo! is a slightly less pretty princess (what? Yahoo is obviously female) with 23.9 percent of the market share. However, their numbers for MSN and Ask are noticeably different. Nielsen gives MSN/ Live only 8.8 percent market share and has Ask in fifth behind AOL with just 2.8 percent.

And not that we needed numerical proof, but comScore shows us that Americans’ Web obsession has grown, bringing us up to 6.8 billion searches last month, up 33 percent from this time last year.

Google Shares break $500 mark

While we’re talking about how dominating Google is, we may as well mention that the Google stock broke the all important $500 a share mark today. By the time NASDAQ closed on Tuesday, Google was sitting comfortably at $509.65. [I can hear my brother ripping out his hair from here. He told my father to buy Google when it went public and has never let anyone forget it. –Susan]

That would probably mean more to me if I knew anything about the stock market, but yay?

Search Engine Land Tests Reactions to New Logo

It’s starting, people. Over at Search Engine Land, Danny asked readers for their opinion on some of the final logo ideas being tossed around for Search Engine Land earlier this afternoon. By the number of responses, it looks like Search Engine Land will have no problem finding an audience (not that we were worried). My personal favorite was the first option (which got 18 percent of the votes), though they all sort of look like they were made with that snazzy Web 2.0 logo generator.

Look, here’s the one I created courtesy of the generator:

Generated Image

See what I mean?

[Oh, and I think Jbrock wants to fight. Don’t mess with the BC logo! ;)] [I think he’s actually thinking of the SEOToolSet™ logo anyway. I think it’s sweet of Danny to want to be like us. –Susan]

Fun Finds

Most fun quote of the day:

"It’s one of those A-list ego things that I hate because it reminds me that I’m not Rand Fishkin." — Kim Krause, on the harsh reminder that comes with realizing you haven’t yet reached the blogging A-List.

Don’t worry, Kim. We’re not Rand-worthy either. Here’s to the B-List!

Lisa Barone is a writer, content marketer & VP of strategy at Overit Media. She's also a very active Twitterer, much to the dismay of the rest of the world.

See Lisa's author page for links to connect on social media.

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