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You missed me while I was out sick, didn’t you? It’s okay, you can admit it. I missed you guys too.

TechCrunch UK Dead?

This is sad news for me. Michael Arrington announced that he’s putting the pause on TechCrunch UK after a dispute with editor Sam Sethi has erupted into a game of politics.

If you haven’t been following the story, here’s the abridged version, which represents all that is taboo on the Web. A blogger (Sethi) posted a critical review of a TechCrunch-sponsored conference on the TechCrunch UK site. The conference organizer responded with a foul-language comment, which was then mysteriously deleted by Michael Arringon at the request of the organizer. Sethi then returned to the scene of the crime, purposely dragged up said foul-languaged comment and made other statements not approved by TechCrunch. Sethi was eventually let go and TechCrunch UK is closed until further notice.

And though I just exhausted myself giving you the play-by-play, I’m not at all interested in the drama of it all. I’m bummed that Michael Arrington’s way of handling the situation is to close down TechCrunch UK.

While he ponders his options, we lose a valuable source for international Web 2.0/ startup news. TechCrunch UK was finally starting to get off the ground and putting it on hold may destroy that. Whatever internal drama is going on over at TechCrunch, resolve it. Don’t kill a promising blog.

Does Google Treat Their Employees Like Children

Graywolf started an amusing thread over at Threadwatch, quoting an article that suggests Google gives employees free food, laundry service and limitless access to ‘bouncy brightly-colored balls" so they never grow up or learn how to do anything on their own.

Ha! The image of Google being made up of overgrown two-year-olds will stay with me forever.

Of course, I don’t think it’s at all accurate to say Google is trying to infantilize their employees to prevent them from growing up. I’m pretty sure the reason they’re working at Google is because they’ve proven themselves to be exceptionally brilliant and capable.

The real reason Google provides these services is very obviously so that employees have no need to leave the Googleplex and will work themselves to death by staying there all night. Er, did I just say that out loud? [Note to self: Get Lisa a bouncy brightly-colored ball. –Susan] — Rock!

Hmm, how interesting…

Kathy Sierra says repeating those three little words (she says two, but I’m including "hmm" in the word count) when you’re mad, sad, frustrated or anything else can give you the pause you need to prevent you from putting your foot in your mouth.

According to Kathy, by inserting "hmm, how interesting" when responding to a negative comment or email, it helps you from taking things too personally and forces you to ask more questions before jumping to conclusions. Good advice from a very smart woman.

Alternatives to Kathy’s suggestions: Wait 20 seconds before responding to criticism (it lets you consider their point of view) or kick really hard in the shins before they even finish speaking (it’s just funny). They’ll be so startled and in so much pain, they won’t be able to run after you.

Congrats to Karl Ribas!

Congrats to Karl Ribas for being named the victor of Li Evan’s controversial (seriously, who knew?) HatBait campaign. Karl beat out Neil "Pretty, Pretty, Princess" Patel with an impressive 18 votes. Li even got a quote from Karl:

"I also have a quote from him … one I got a chuckle out of. Karl noticed who all voted for him and said this “Oh… there’s one from Lisa Barone! wooohhhiiieee!”"

He acts surprised despite our email thread where I pledged my loyalty to him. (You’re missing out on some impressive eye rolling over here.) Regardless, I make grown men say "woohhieee". I am awesome. [No, you’re smokin’ –Susan] – I feared you were going to do that…

Fun Finds

QAQNA tells us You’ve Only Got One Shot at a First Impression. How sage. This is why Bruce waited 10 months before introducing me to others. He was afraid I’d mess it up.

Seth Godin talks about brands as mythology.

Threadwatch member lists off potential Christmas gift ideas. Be Afraid.

Lisa Barone is a writer, content marketer & VP of strategy at Overit Media. She's also a very active Twitterer, much to the dismay of the rest of the world.

See Lisa's author page for links to connect on social media.

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