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December 12, 2005

SES Chicago 2005 from the exhibition floor

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Guest Entry by Cindy Turrietta–SEM Analyst, Bruce Clay, Inc.

SES Chicago 2005 was my first visit to the "Windy City", and although I didn’t get much time to enjoy the great outdoors, I did get to wear a winter coat, gloves and scarf a couple of times as we dashed to and from cabs. Most of our time was spent indoors at the Expo, answering questions about Bruce’s search engine optimization training and our SEO tools mostly, although curiosity about the Google sandbox was also prevalent. Attendees expressed concern about the recent Google updates (Jagger) and how the rankings they once had were now gone. It appears that buying links, briefly all the rage, is now a thing of the past as they do not hold the same value as natural links. It is apparent that as our industry matures, so does the public’s general knowledge as more and more people are interested in learning best practice search engine optimization. This said, Bruce’s tools and training took center stage for us at this event.

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