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April 6, 2006

Web Analytics Wednesday

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Guest Entry by Dana McGraw, Web Analytics Analyst–Bruce Clay, Inc

Yesterday marked my first "Web Analytics Wednesday" meeting. Promoted on, the event takes place once a month and provides the opportunity for web analytics professionals to discuss ideas, problems, and concerns that affect daily work and the industry as a whole. In different cities across the country, groups large and small are gathering one Wednesday a month to network and learn. Although the Los Angeles area group remains one of the smallest crowds, I found it no less beneficial.

It was interesting to listen to the various methods of data collection and interpretation including the variety of tools that are being used and the benefits and shortcomings attributable to each of them. Particularly intriguing is the use of visitor segmentation to separate the loyal site visitors from the one time visitors from those who visit occasionally but not "fanatically". This segmentation can prove useful alone and when coupled with information regarding the conversion behavior of each of these groups. Further, many sites, especially those that thrive on advertising sales, drill down this type of information even more using site registration to tailor their offerings to precise demographic groups. Understandably, this data is of great use to marketers, but more interestingly, is proving to be of great use to web developers and "techies" as they develop not only static web pages but all types of user interface and interactive tools. I am looking forward to making Web Analytics Wednesday a monthly ritual and encourage all of those interested to find a meeting in your city or start one if there isn’t one already.

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