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SES Wrap Up: Focus on PPC

SES Wrap Up: Vertical Search Track

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BACK TO BASICS: SES Wrap Up: Vertical Search Track

This quarter's Back To Basics covers three exciting session's from SES New York. Read on for an indepth look at News and Webfeed Search, Public Relations Via Search Engines and Meet the Local Seach Engines.

Hot Topics

Cozying up to the Fox

FEATURE: SES Wrap Up: Focus on PPC
This quarter's newsletter is somewhat different. We'll be giving you an overview of several sessions from the most recent Search Engine Strategies in New York. Our feature this quarter is pay per click advertising and Search Engine Marketing. These topics and others will be expanded upon in our upcoming editions of the newsletter, now produced monthly. Also look for other exciting features in the upcoming months like the introduction of our Ask Bruce Clay section where industry expert Bruce Clay will respond to reader questions and offer his insight on the future of SEO.

With Firefox reaching 25 million downloads in 99 days, the search engines are taking notice.

  • Google hired lead Firefox designer, Ben Goodger.

  • Yahoo released Y!Toolbar for Firefox

  • AskJeeves met with Mozilla designers to discuss three subjects: 1) AJ Desktop Search 2) AJ Leveraging Firefox Browser 3) XUL platform.

  • This quarter also saw Internet Explorer fall below its 90% market share for the first time since it beat out Netscape.
Don't be evil?
  • After last quarter's win over Geico, Google then suffered a number of defeats in France where judges ruled that advertisers were not allowed to bid on trademarked names to sell competing products.

  • Google's new AutoLink feature has webmasters up in arms. Google says they're just giving the end user what they asked for but many are saying it is a violation of "don't be evil."


Bye-bye, Overture. Hello, Yahoo! Search Marketing Solutions. Yahoo announced they would be dropping the Overture brand and renaming the service to reflect its integration into their wide range of services.

AskJeeves bought Bloglines, leaving Google as the only major search engine without feed subscription service.


SES New York was a huge success. Our articles this quarter cover some of the great sessions at this year's conference. You can find more recaps in the Search Engine Watch forums.

We all had a great time and are looking forward to San Jose in August.


Happy Birthday to Yahoo! The search giant turned 10 on March 2, offering free Baskin Robbins ice cream to anyone who printed out the coupon.

The fourth quarter of 2004 was good to the search engines, with Google leading the pack, posting a 28% increase over the third quarter of 2004 and a 101% year-over-year increase. Ask Jeeves revenue nearly tripled in the fourth quarter of 2004, exceeding $86m.

In case you missed it, Google has now overtaken eBay as the highest-valued internet company out there.

Word on the Wire

Something is brewing over at Yahoo. Perhaps an Adwords competitor from the newly re-branded Yahoo! Search Marketing Solutions?

And what was Google doing at a VoIP conference? Does this have to do with the dark fiber they were interested in back in January?

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