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Being The Good Service Provider

The Changing Landscape of SEO

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FEATURE: Being The Good Service Provider
In my last article, I went over some of the broader points to being a good client in the client-vendor relationship. It's time we look at the other side of that coin and review the behavior of a good service provider and what a client should expect in any such relationship.

BACK TO BASICS: Duplicate Content

Anyone who has been doing SEO for any length of time could tell you that the landscape of what works and what doesn't is constantly changing. Each year, if not each day, it gets harder and harder to achieve high rankings for websites in a competitive market. Gone are the days when all it took was a few hundred doorway pages and a paid inclusion program to achieve top rankings. Now the demand is for relevant websites that actually deliver on the users' needs.

Hot Topics

A Numbers Game (Part Two)

Let's call the whole thing off.

  • Following last month's shenanigans about index size, Google announced that it was taking its ball and going home, removing the number (8,168,684,336) from their home page and issuing a statement that they would no longer be publishing the number of indexed pages.

  • Yahoo's response was that they were glad to see the "meaningless number" go. Whereupon everyone snickered and Yahoo had to clarify that they meant the number on Google's homepage, not the tendency of search engines over all to mention the size of their index.


Andy Beal, formerly of WebSourced, announced his new business venture--Fortune Interactive.

Space, the final frontier: Google partnered up with NASA, getting more office space and a chance to index where no search engine has indexed before.


Who knows how much SEO was really discussed at the SEO Roadshow in Edinburgh? The second Roadshow of its kind certainly sounded like it was fun, at least based on the reviews.

Just a reminder that Bruce Clay, Inc is will be presenting at eComXpo, coming up October 6-8th. This conference will save you on travel and hotel expenses because it's 100% virtual. Check it out. Other presenters include John Battelle and Andy Beal.


Google turned seven this month either on September 28th (which is when Google celebrated it) or on September 7th (which is when everyone else did.) Either way the search engine remains the largest and most used on the web and just continues growing. Happy 7th, Google, keep on dancing.

Word on the Wire

Google in Spaaaaaaaace! So what's really the story behind the NASA/Google deal, a more comprehensive Google Moon? Or just their own private shuttle?

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