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Discovering Trusted Emailing

Developing a Link Campaign, Part Two

THE USUAL: Coverage of this month’s
hot topics, shuffles, shindigs, attaboys and word on the wire.

FEATURE: Discovering Trusted Emailing
One of the most frustrating tasks of everyday is opening your email and seeing the spam offers roll in. Cheap software, trips to nowhere, diplomas from the University of Some Guy's Backyard, they get caught and, hopefully, sorted out. But that doesn't mean you're free from having to look at them. No, spam filters are inaccurate and overzealous at best so there is still the need to check your junk mail folder to be sure that nothing you needed to see got thrown away. Wouldn't it be nice to have every email you get be secure, verified and certified? Those are the goals of the 1st Certified email system.

BACK TO BASICS: Developing a Link Campaign, Part Two

There are a variety of ways to conduct link campaigns for your site. The type you choose to conduct is really up to how much time and effort you want to invest, and the quality of results you expect. The two main outbound ways of increasing link popularity are link submissions and link solicitation. However, outbound effort isn't the only way to increase the link popularity of your site. One example of inbound effort is providing something that is link worthy either on your site or for other sites to use. Link campaigns can be overwhelming and often people don't even know where to start. Here are a few guidelines and a simple process that you can follow.

Hot Topics

New Products and Services? Must Be Tuesday

It seems that every time you turn around there's a new search engine service being hyped. Let's take a look back at this month in new stuff.

Google wins hands down with new services:

  • Local integrated with Maps and is out of beta so is
  • Personalized Search
  • Google Print got renamed Google Book Search
  • Google Base confused everyone as did
  • Google Automat
  • And of course, there was Google Analytics which really set everyone off.

Yahoo wasn't idle either:

  • Yahoo's new maps are excellent
  • Shoposphere and Pick Lists are a little more puzzling


Yahoo hired former chief scientist for Alta Vista, Andrei Broder. He's authored and coauthored many papers and articles.

Ask Jeeves went fishing and caught themselves a deal with Go Fish. The two companies have signed a content licensing agreement. Ask also moved their offices this month and are looking to fill them.

iProspect debuted their Pay-Per-Call tracking tool.


Webmaster World PubCon was a smashing success. Barry Schwartz covered the conference and noted that the Organic Site Review session was something to behold.

Next up is Search Engine Strategies in Chicago. Deep dish pizza and search experts, what more can you ask for?


Google's Chief Internet Evangelist, Vint Cerf was honored this month with the Freedom Medal, the highest civilian honor in the United States. Going hand in hand with the evangelization, Google will be supplying free wi-fi to Mountain View.

Yahoo honored their mail development team with a life-size Alpha Geek statue and oversized self-aggrandizement. However, by all reports, the new Yahoo! Mail beta is something to be proud of so let's all be a little forgiving.

Word on the Wire

Over at Google Blogoscoped, they're speculating on the strategy behind Google Base. The prediction: Content. Content. Content.

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