SEO Wisdom From Bruce Clay

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Bruce commonly says that “There is a difference between data and wisdom”. Wisdom comes from understanding. It’s one thing to claim that you know SEO, but it’s entirely different to understand SEO.

The difference between “knowing” and “understanding” SEO determines how well your website ranks and how well your bottom line performs. If you simply know SEO, you will likely be left behind in the search results. And in today’s competitive market, that is something your business just can’t afford.

Wisdom also comes from years of experience. Bruce Clay has pioneered the SEO industry since 1996 — that’s over two decades of experience working with thousands of clients large and small. He started Bruce Clay Inc. (BCI) to help marketing professionals at all levels acquire the knowledge and skills to win more traffic. The wisdom BCI has developed over the years can help guide you (and your website) to success now and into the future.

Our path to SEO wisdom is built on three key components:

SEO Training

SEO is not once and done. And because the industry changes almost daily, it is essential to have access to proper training for long-term success. You need ongoing training and updated resources to keep your knowledge effective. Staying informed will help keep you ahead of your competition and give your website a competitive edge.

Having experts on your team makes a big difference. Well-trained experts who understand SEO can go beyond the data, look at the bigger picture and apply wisdom to make informed decisions for your business. They know that to be successful in SEO you must beat the competition, not the algorithm.

The good news is that you can get trained and build yourself into an SEO expert. That’s why we developed This all-inclusive membership experience lets you learn from experts in an ongoing and interactive online format.

You’ll learn from the “Father of SEO” Bruce Clay himself, who has taught effective SEO to more than 5,000 marketers worldwide and been the official Advanced SEO Workshop training partner for major search marketing conferences since 2008.

In the program, we provide you with advanced SEO training (video classes, live Q&A, webinars, e-books, mini-classes, ask-us-anything recordings, etc.) that you can access throughout your membership. We share our knowledge about how to convert your new expertise into wisdom to increase traffic, leads, sales, and clients. We also show you how to use your new SEO knowledge in a way that helps you almost instantly turn your website into a towering authority in your niche.

The membership community at is growing, and there’s no better time to join. If you want to build your brand as an SEO expert and learn how to win in search, this training program is for you.

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Train with the SEO experts.

SEO Tools

In the world of SEO, there’s certainly no shortage of tools to help you with various tasks. To develop understanding and wisdom, you need the right tools to get the job done. They must present the right data and a deeper analysis with information that is specific to your site. The wrong data can mislead you down the wrong path, ultimately hurting your business.

It’s important to understand there is a big difference between DATA and WISDOM. Having data doesn’t help you unless you develop the expertise to understand it and take appropriate action. That’s wisdom. But without data, wisdom is in a vacuum.

John Mueller quote about SEO tools.

We concentrate on putting together tools and reports that can move the needle for a website. Our SEO software tools provide you with the right answers, without getting lost in unimportant detail. They dive deep into SEO-specific data to provide you with the wisdom needed to beat your competition in the search results.

Deliver results for your business with our SEO tools.

SEO Services

One goal remains constant in the ever-changing world of SEO: more traffic.

The higher a site ranks on a search engine results page, the more traffic the site can receive. And to achieve a high ranking in search, having experts makes all the difference. Experts understand that no two sites are alike. Wisdom and a strong tactical strategy are the winning combination to long-term success.

Our experts each average 10+ years of experience in the SEO industry. They possess the wisdom needed to make any website a trusted authority that ranks well in search engines.

Our SEO services are always tailored to match your needs. Whatever your SEO goals are, our team looks forward to helping you achieve them.

Boost your traffic, rankings and revenue with our experts. Book a free consultation and let us know how we can help.

There is no “easy” button when it comes to SEO. And to truly be successful, it takes time.

The best way to develop your own SEO wisdom is to learn for yourself. Let us help guide you.

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