SEO Small Business Package

SEO Consulting that Fits a Small Business Budget

Our SEO Small Business Package delivers search engine optimization services on a small scale. This is the same high-quality SEO expertise currently used by Fortune 100 and global corporations – resized to fit a small business budget and needs.

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Can searchers find your website? As a small business, you need people to find your website when they search online. Consumers increasingly go to the Web first to research and buy the goods and services they need, and their path typically begins at a search engine. For your small business to survive these days, your website must appear in search results.

SEO Small Business Packages
Your site could rank in organic and local results

That’s where our SEO small business services come in. We will help your website
show up in the organic search results for your specific keywords.

About 40% of searches have a local area in mind, so we want to maximize your website’s opportunities for search rankings!

The SEO Small Business Package works to optimize your website for organic search AND distribute your business information to the major Web directories for local listings.

How does the SEO Small Business Package work?
We create an optimization strategy that’s search engine-friendly and tailored for
your website and competitive positioning. Then we do the hands-on work of rolling out scheduled improvements that boost the site’s overall search engine rankings over time. Our skilled SEO analysts make changes directly to a staging environment on your Web server, then push improvements to your live website after you approve. We do the work for you – no in-house SEO staff is needed!

How long does it take?
The SEO Small Business Package is a six-month SEO project. At the start of your project, we’ll create a six-month timeline that defines specific SEO tasks to be completed each month.

It’s important to understand that tasks can be scheduled, but results cannot. Time is an essential component for SEO success. Unlike advertising, which can often produce immediate results, organic search engine rankings usually take several months to achieve, depending on the site’s competitive environment. It takes a gradual process of optimizing the site, adding new content and publicizing that content to attract inbound links and build the site’s authority in the search engines.

What does it cost?
Forget paying thousands of dollars every month to manage your SEO. Bruce Clay, Inc. has designed this affordable SEO program with small businesses in mind. Your exact quote may vary slightly, but you can expect your SEO Small Business Package service to cost about $1,400 a month. Payments are by credit card for ease of billing and customer convenience. Request a free quote and more details here.

What results can be expected?
Optimizing a website to appear higher in the natural search engine rankings requires a combination of on-site improvements and off-site efforts. There is no magic bullet for SEO. However, skillful optimization pays off! Many individual tasks work together to make the site more competitive and support its relevance to people’s search queries. This can result in higher rankings in the search engine results for more targeted terms.

With the affordable SEO Small Business Package, your website gets a strategic, customized SEO plan based on keyword research and analysis of your site and competitors. Applying that plan using SEO best practices leads to increased rankings and more traffic for your small business site!

We provide the know-how, the tools, and the hands-on labor required to optimize your small business site so that it can be found for its targeted keywords.

Find out if the SEO Small Business Package is your SEO solution!
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