WATCH: Ask the SEO Expert

On Demand Live Q&A with Bruce Clay

Watch the “Father of SEO” answer SEO questions and give his expert advice to help you improve your SEO campaign. Be sure to watch all the way through — your questions may have been answered!


00:00:00 – Introduction
00:04:57 – Any current guidance on E.A.T. and YMLY, especially per the “Helpful Content Update”?
00:10:05 – What’s your input on H1 through H6 tags?
00:13:42 – For larger sites, what are your thoughts on AI content vs programmatic content?
00:18:56 – Is applying missing image dimensions worth while to fix?
00:21:01 – Are adding keywords to a page URL still a valuable thing to do for search rank?
00:24:49 – What is the best way to optimize an eCommerce category page? Category description? If so, length? placement on page? Do you add helpful FAQs?
00:27:53 – How important to SEO is accurate non-decorative image alt-text description, and what empirical evidence demonstrates this weighting?
00:31:24 – Do you offer any exclusive training for businesses and SEO teams?
00:32:29 –
00:42:03 – Do you have any tips for creating service pages for multiple locations?
00:45:30 – I have changed the name of Breadcrumb from Home to a word I want my pages to rank for. Do I need to do any GSC or other form for indexing after the change to update Google?
00:46:53 – How would you improve SEO ranking on a government agency recruitment website?
00:49:25 – Is link building still relevant for SEO? Any concrete suggestions for acquiring links from BIG, well-known online publishers in medical/healthcare verticals?
00:56:59 – I have pages on my site that are not very important and they have poor Web Core Vitals. Does it affect my whole site rankings or just those pages with poor Web Core Vitals?
01:01:33 – URL stuffing is bad, but is having your main keyword in the URL is useful?
01:03:04 – Recommendations on how to do this with schema markup since “brand” is only applicable for product schema?
01:07:03 – With google’s latest core update in Sept (and previous in May) has core web vitals (& site speed as it pertains to CWV) become a stronger ranking factor?
01:07:35 – How does Google react to redirected URLs? For instance, URLs that are in a company’s portfolio and redirected to their main URL.
01:10:19 – Any suggestions on how to improve their ranking in local search?
01:13:00 – We use accoridans for UX design for product descriptions – there is conflicting information from Google whether Google’s bot reads them, are they good? Does Google read them?
01:15:02 – We have been building silo structures within our website and linking to blog pages that are topically related. Should we actually take the step of siloing our blog itself?
01:17:56 – Sign up at

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