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February 2, 2007

An Ode to Overture

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You’re in for a treat today, boys and girls!

Despite Yahoo’s assurance that the Overture Keyword Suggestion Tool lives on, some of the Bruce Clay, Inc. SEO Analysts remain troubled by the wacky results they’ve been getting. In fact, it’s with great sadness that we report our very own Darren Slatten (yes, the one who dressed up as the World’s Strongest Beer for Halloween and often has trouble parking) has suffered many sleepless nights over the anguish the tool has caused him. After Terry Semel’s lawyers contacted us about the threatening letters our young Darren allegedly sent him (and even if he did, lighten up guys, we’re sure he meant "bomb" like, "Yahoo!’s da bomb, w00t!"), we encouraged Darren to express his feelings in more…appropriate manner.

Here’s what he came up with:

R.I.P Overture
By Darren Slatten

Overture, the time has come,
I think we should part ways,
You won’t return my keyword stats,
I’ve tried for ten straight days.

You can’t deny that we’ve both changed,
The tool I loved is gone,
You just can’t satisfy my needs,
And now I’m moving on.

When we met, I will admit,
I did in fact adore you,
But in the end, you blew it, friend,
And forced me to abhor you.

Your price was nice, you offered up
Your services for free,
But I know now the cost was high-
My fragile sanity!

When I asked if people search
For "cars" you told me nay,
Then promised "SUV from Mars"
Had 90 hits per day.

You’re struggling to stay alive,
It’s clear your death draws nigh,
In time of need, you’re never there,
And now I hope you die.

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5 responses to “An Ode to Overture”

  1. Pete Wailes writes:

    Genius. Pure genius.

    ’nuff said really

  2. Tony S. writes:

    It’s about time Overture be sleeping wit da fishes.

  3. SEO Portland writes:

    *sniff sniff*

    That brought a tear to my eye.. such a tragic love story..

  4. jon rogneud writes:

    That’s why another service providing “uptime” and seasonal data across many more engines probably will do it for you:
    Thanks for fun entry! – Jon Rognerud

  5. Rebecca Kelley writes:

    He verbalized how we all feel inside.

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