3 User Feedback Tools to Help You Convert

We all know that Conversion Rate Optimisation is about your visitors, right (ahem… we better)? In the world of learning all about your visitors, no tool is more powerful than that of the user feedback tool. User feedback tools are an ideal way to gain honest information about your visitors in a simple, natural, opt-in method.

We’ve compiled some stats about what we believe to be 3 of the top user feedback tools available today. These are paid tools, so you’ll have to pony up some cash – but we promise it’ll be well worth it for your persona research endeavours.


One of the most popular feedback solutions, this tool is widely used by many largely popular sites (eg; domain.com.au). You can always recognise a Kampyle site by the trademark triangle icon in the lower right corner of a landing page.

Kampyle features a customizable, overall site rating option, as well as customizable feedback topic buttons that reveal unfolding text fields when selected by users. Overall offering a quick and easy interface to use is what makes Kampyle a good solution for gaining visitor feedback. Kampyle does, however, seem to lack a peer to peer communication option. This tool is designed solely for users to submit feedback directly and privately to the website owner.


Get Satisfaction

Get Satisfaction is a more robust user feedback solution than most that can even function as a borderline social platform for your website. With a built in peer to peer rating system that allows users to access other user’s feedback, Get Satisfaction offers a third dimension to your user feedback endeavours in the form of a social knowledgebase.

This in turn not only provides an increase in volume of user feedback, but also increases user engagement and, well, satisfaction.

The actual feedback options themselves are not incredibly complex; there are four.

But we feel these cover most of the bases that would be useful to you for improving post-click conversion rates, and developing adequate personas.

So, with Get Satisfaction, users get to communicate with each other via a quasi-social, quasi-forum platform, and they get to communicate with you, in private, via the four main feedback forms. All contained within a lightbox, we think Get Satisfaction is one badass feedback tool.



UserVoice is another tool very similar to Get Satisfaction in that it allows for both peer to peer communication as well as site functionality feedback directly to the webmaster.

Peer to peer feedback options are primarily segmented into Helpdesk and Feedback zones. The Helpdesk zone offers users the ability to browse other user posts that particularly deal with FAQs, while Feedback is more of a peer to peer knowledgebase of website recommendations.

There is only one main option for submitting feedback directly to site owners, however it makes use of a bolded drop-down menu to allow users to select the reason for contacting you.

We think this might be overlooked by some users who may just automatically go with Support Request without really taking the time to activate the drop down menu, as opposed to the more colourful options presented by Kampyle and Get Satisfaction. Nonetheless, UserVoice offers a great, robust platform for gaining user feedback.



User feedback is essential to improving your website, which directly impacts conversion rates. Each of the tools presented above can help you to obtain user feedback in various ways. Kampyle is a direct, simple approach that may yield higher volumes of feedback than the others due to its simplistic interface. Get Satisfaction and UserVoice may send fewer feedback results overall, but with their crowdsourcing and social integrations they have the potential to show a lot more detail about what your visitors want, and what they don’t want to see.

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