Alkemi International, Nathan Stewart on Landing Pages Basics

Nathan’s primary focus is as the CEO and Chairman of Alkemi International, which has offices in Melbourne and Auckland. Alkemi focuses on getting the right traffic to their clients’ sites and increasing conversion rates. Optimising landing pages to improve the Google Quality Score will be one of the major features of Nathan’s session

Last session of a thoroughly informative and enjoyable day here at Sydney SMX, let’s hope Nathan finishes things off with a bang and blows us away with his revolutionary insights into landing pages.

Don’t be average! The average website converts only 2% of its clicks into sales or enquires. Most websites lose most of their visitors in the first few pages of their site. Aim for a bounce rate of less than 25% as opposed to the norm of around 40%

Understand online customers

  • Customers control their experience
  • They are goal orientated
  • Actions only take place after a prospect makes a decision, however decisions are made in different ways by different people
  • Sales is simply a transfer of confidence to a person that has a need, confidence is best transferred online through relevance
  • Who are your visitors
  • What is their intent on arrival?
  • At what stage of their research or buying process are they at when they arrive?
  • What action do you want your visitor to take?
  • What do these visitors need in order to feel comfortable taking the action?

What factors to consider on your landing page?

  • Relevant content that matches the intent on arrival
  • Keyword targeted copy and heading
  • Avoid the use of the word ‘we’ all over the site
  • Have a great Unique value proposition
  • Be conscious of the content below the fold
  • Keep forms as short as possible and always offer point of action assurances

What factors affect your quality score?

  • CTR
  • Relevance of the keywords to the search query and of the landing page
  • Other issues i.e. regionality, server/page load times and contact info

Well that wraps up day one of SMX Sydney so thanks to Nathan for sharing the wisdom. Just enough info to keep me interested but not too much that I felt overwhelmed and had a need to start a fire drill, although that’s always an idea for next time a poor blogger gets overwhelmed. Tips to Barry – desks desks desks. Keep your livebloggers happy by giving them a table up the back for computers to sit on. The chairs at SMX Sydney aren’t as good as the speakers.

A few networking drinks upstairs and nights rest and we will be back and set for DAY 2.

Marc, out.

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