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October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween from Bruce Clay!

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It’s Halloween and everyone is getting dressed up! Look at all the pretty costumes the search engines and the search community are sporting today!

Google’s looking a bit haunted:

While is sporting some spooky pumpkins (and a rocking Smart Answer, of course):

Yahoo decided to dress up a bit and host the annual Yahoo Halloween Event:

And not surprisingly, was too cool to come to the party and just looks eternally boring. How sad. We’re not even going to show you a screen shot. Why? Because they suck.

But it’s not just the engines playing today. Oh, no. The entire search community has joined in the crazy, including our friends at Search Engine Roundtable:

And one of the leading members of Red Sox Nation (and my new friend), Eric Lander. Don’t you want to eat the little baby toes?

But who’s the most excited about Halloween, you ask? Well, it’s our Bruce! Doesn’t he look smashing as a wizard? We think so too.

You can see all the Bruce Clay team members happily showing off their costumes by visiting our Flickr page. And if you hurry, you can catch a photo of Susan before she makes me take it down. Run! [Are you kidding, I almost look thin in that picture. It’s staying up forever.–Susan] – Seriously, you hit some crazy good lighting right there. I didn’t even recognize you.

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3 responses to “Happy Halloween from Bruce Clay!”

  1. Eric Lander writes:

    Awesome post Lisa… I got so busy, I didn’t have time to visit SER outside of the RSS feed, so I didn’t even catch the costume over there.

    Looks like you all had a great time yesterday at the office… I kid you not.. Not *one* person in the SEM department dressed up.


  2. pat writes:

    My favorite blogging hotties. You both look smoking crazy good.

  3. martoon writes:

    ASK! looks awesome. Love the ‘dumbeldore’ costume too :D

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