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Back in February 2000 (it wasn’t that long ago was it?) I was fortunate enough to land what I first thought was my first programming job in Melbourne as a “HTML Programmer”. From the very first day arriving at that office I was introduced to “search engine optimisation” and like most people, with no knowledge of the existence of SEO I questioned “what the hell is that?” However, after a baffling explanation and a blank look on my face (yes the kind I generally receive when I tell people what I do for a living), I didn’t flee in horror and was determined to learn just what this search engine optimisation is all about. It wasn’t long before I grew to be fascinated with SEO and determined to conquer my competition and any ranking challenges thrown my way. I immediately joined the SEO sheep (worldwide – not just from New Zealand) that regularly trawled many forums seeking advice from the masters of the search engine optimisation industry. Today there are only a handful of masters in this trade that deserve such a prestigious declaration and Bruce Clay is one of them. Little did I know back then that seven years later I would be learning all about Bruce’s search engine optimisation methodologies and secrets!
So what can you expect to learn from the Bruce Clay SEO Training Course? The answer is: a hell of a lot! When I first arrived at the course I feared it would not contain any beneficial information considering the amount of time I had been doing SEO but I was so wrong. The course was interesting, inspiring and comprehensive and covered a wealth of information and tips that I had never come across before.

So what exactly did I learn during the Bruce Clay SEO Training course?

• I learnt how to achieve better rankings in search engine results (and here I was thinking I had done well before this).
• How I can improve my optimised titles and descriptions tags and turn searches into visitors.
• How to do comprehensive and effective keyword research for websites.
• How I can analyse both websites and their competitors in depth.
• How I can design and structure a site in the right way to achieve better search engine rankings.
• How optimising the technical structure of a site can improve search rankings.
• Why I should not pig out at the scrumptious lunch buffet and save room for the large dessert selection.
• How to ensure a site is able to be spidered by the search engine robots.
• How I can build relevant links and all about the importance of gaining links from related authority sites.
• Why and how to monitor search engine rankings for a site and their competitors positions.
• The importance of being ethical whilst I optimise a site.
• What I did wrong in the past and what I should have done.
The above is just a fragment of what I learnt at the course, overall it was truly a great experience and I gained a wealth of information from it. I have now completed the course three times and each time never fails to provide me with new information. Previously the Bruce Clay SEO course was only offered in Sydney as a three day course once every six months, which is why I could afford to indulge on the exquisite dessert menu. However now there is some exciting news because in October Bruce Clay Australia are offering a one day SEO training course in Brisbane (14th October), Melbourne (20th October) and Sydney (29th October). For more information please visit the Bruce Clay SEO Training Course page and in October you too could share this great learning experience.

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