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The Belgians Are Back Bothering Google!

I received quite a treat this morning when I was listening to the DailySearchCast and heard Danny mention that those funny Belgians are back in the spotlight and causing trouble for Google. You may remember that I’ve been rather vocal about how stupid I find this whole situation to be. If you don’t remember, here’s the breakdown: A group of Belgian newspapers sued Google for copyright infringement because they (the Belgians) were too lazy to use a robots.txt file, which landed their articles in Google News. They didn’t seem to like that. In some crazy universe where fair use does not exist, the Belgians actually won their lawsuit and Google had to place a ridiculous note on their home page and remove the content. And now the Belgians are back!

Since we last heard from them, Google appealed the judgment and tried to negotiate with the Belgian newspapers outside of court. Sadly, the negotiations weren’t going as quickly as the newspapers would have liked and Google began referencing the papers again. Now the Belgian newspapers are asking the courts to award them $77 million in damages. Seventy-seven million dollars!

I’m sorry, but I’m still inclined to file this away as the Most Ridiculous Lawsuit Ever. I know we have commenters who like to come and correct me each time I mention the Belgians and their idiocy, but I haven’t been swayed. And this new twist to the story just adds to its lunacy. As Danny joked on the SearchCast this morning, I doubt that the Belgian newspapers have made a combined $77 million since Google News was born, so that seems a bit hard to claim that Google has cost them that much. We’ll see what happens. All I know is that Google vs. The Crazy Belgians are what good blog entries are made of.

CW: Watch This Show Online, That One Offline

In stupid company news, after taking Gossip Girl offline due to too many viewers, the CW is now looking to create “cwingers“. What in God’s name is a cwinger? It’s an ad-supported video clip that lives half online/half offline. Basically, viewers will get to see a short video inside their favorite CW show, and then they’ll have to go online to get the next installment before the conclusion airs on TV. […huh? –Susan] It’s three parts. The first airs on television, the second airs on the Internet and the third airs on television. See how confusing?

Um, hi, as a loyal CW television, you’re completely confusing me. What do you want me to do? How do you want me to consume your programming?

The CW is sending a mixed message with the way they’re handling online video. You either embrace it or you don’t. I don’t think you can pull your flagship show offline one week, and then decide to create a whole new “cwinger” format the next. Maybe I’m wrong. The CW has been pretty nonconventional with the way they’ve done programming in the past, so it may just work.

Horrible name aside (Cwingers? Is this a child porn ring?), I think the CW is going to confuse viewers. You’re telling them not to watch X online but to remember to tune into Y and Z so they can see how the story unfolds? Pick a brand message and stick with it.

Yahoo Will Soon Announce A Deal With…Someone

BusinessWeek says that amidst pressure from shareholders, Yahoo will work out a deal with Microsoft…or Google. Yup, the deal is so close that Yahoo doesn’t even know who it will be with yet. Either way, BusinessWeek says that “something” will definitely happen soon. Right. Like my head will explode from all the baseless speculation.

Oh, the stupidity headache.

Fun Finds

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That is ridiculous! How on earth can that payment be even vaguely justified? What on earth would’ve cost that amount from Google’s actions? Crazy!


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